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Manscaping Pre-Date Rituals Guys Need to Consider

We’ve all come a long way in the world of men’s grooming. From Movember mustaches to beards galore, guys are embracing their unique styles more than ever — and along with that comes the need to keep it all looking tight and right. We, along with our partner hims, caught up with celeb stylist and makeup/hair guru Kayle Williams for his best manscaping tips.

A Better Beard

“The grooming of the beard is super important. Beard oils are really key to soften the hair and just make it more manageable,” Williams said. If you aren’t using beard-specific products, you probably should be. Obviously, cleansing and washing your beard on the daily is a must — and if you have one of those amazing full beards, washing it after eating is a good practice, otherwise things can get “disgusting real quick.” Williams’ other comment: Shave just above the hairline to make it look clean and fresh, and under the neck as well.

Hairy Situations

Dealing with thinning hair? the worst thing you can do is to try and grow it longer. You’re not fooling anyone.  Your barber can offer up different ideas and suggestions in terms of the best cuts for the situation. Pro Tip: shorter is better if your hair is thinning.

Also, did you know your barber is more that happy to remove excess nasal hair? Well, he is. So take him up on it.  The last thing you want is your date thinking, “Wow, he is really cool but he has a one-inch nose hair that’s very distracting! Don’t be that guy.

“As men age, hair starts to appear in different areas — like the ears and nose. Get yourself a personal trimmer to keep that in check.” Williams advised. Same goes for the eyebrows. “Barbers are great at just sort of barely cleaning up your eyebrows, without overshaping them.”

Face Off

Skincare for men gets more important as we age. “If you shave every day, that also works as an exfoliator. If you don’t shave daily, incorporating a good skin exfoliator into your weekly routine is a great idea.” Williams shared. “That, along with a good cream face wash, and moisturizer that contains an SPF, is really all you need.” Just taking that extra 5 minutes is going to pay off hugely. Your skin will thank you, and so will your date, who will enjoy getting close to clean, fresh, soft skin.


Guys, make sure you aren’t bringing some chapped lips to any date. No excuses.

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