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Does Meditation Improve Your Dating Life?

In one word: yes. Meditation improves online dating results drastically. Researchers at eharmony joined the folks behind the coolest meditation app around, Stop, Breathe & Think, to put this theory to the test a few months ago. They found that those who were using both eharmony and Stop, Breath & Think received 85% more two-way communication and their profiles were viewed 53% more than other users. Talk about positive intention!

Further, Stop, Breathe & Think users sent 215% more close-ended questions to their matches, and they were engaged in open communication with 137% more of their eHarmony matches. Most importantly, these users were definitely much more likely to be successful in their communication with their matches.

You can see all the stats here.

While there are many different components to being a mindful person and a mindful dater, a key attribute is kindness. Research shows that kindness increases empathy and sense of social connection, which means you‘ll have an easier time relating to your date.

It also increases positive feelings like love, contentment, gratitude, and joy – and who wouldn’t want to be around more of that? Plus, kindness is very attractive. Studies have shown that when people associate positive personality traits like kindness, honesty, and being a team player with someone, they actually perceive them as being more attractive.

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