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Decorating Your First Place…Together

The happiest couples know that compromise is a key component to making a relationship work. Along with communication, this is a big one. When it comes to moving in together – it’s all about combining two lives into one space, and sometimes, two very different aesthetics!

You know that dreamy vintage leopard sofa you have held onto since college? In his eyes, it may be more of a nightmare. You know his 4-year-old flannel bed sheets? Um…nightmare times 100.

Starting a life with someone means starting fresh in the design department. And it doesn’t have to mean spending your life savings, either. Fortunately, our partners at Parachute, the modern Bedding and Bath experts, have the perfect pieces for your new pad.

Bedding. It’s more than a thing, it’s a necessity for you both. Please get new bedding to go along with your new living space together. We love, love the clean shades like fog, toast, and blush, all light and gender neutral. And refreshing.

Fresh towels are everything. It’s time to ditch his dark brown hues and lighten up with new, luxurious yet affordable towel sets. We’re suckers for Sandstone softies. If he is more into grey tones though, they also got you covered.

Side pieces (the good kind!). Once you are both happy and settled with the important basics like a sofa and dining set, (get that stuff first!) you can add personality with the perfect throw blanket, candles, and rugs.

In life, it’s the little things – in decorating, it’s also the little things. This is also an area to embrace one another’s unique sense of style. If he is really into collecting records, frame some cool covers and put them up. If you adore succulents, find some cute pots, and scatter them through the house.

You’re on the same page. As fun as decorating and planning your new space can be, before moving in together, make sure you’re on the same page relationship-wise. Does someone have kids on the brain? Is this considered a trial arrangement, or a (hopefully) permanent situation? Make sure you’re both heading in the same direction when it comes to commitment. Talk about your expectations. Are you hoping that you’ll both be home for dinner each night? Are you hoping this will lead to marriage? Be sure to discuss your expectations for routine things like chore-division, too.

If you fail to share your hopes and dreams for this next stage of your relationship, you’re likely to end up disappointed. You might be in a very well decorated house, but disappointed. We want to see you have both!

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