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10 Reasons to Date a Wine Drinker

All you need is love…And some wine.
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Dating a fellow wine enthusiast can be intoxicating – not only do they share the same deep appreciation for a smart, indulgent glass of vino, but they reap tempting qualities that make them irresistible. If you need further convincing before making it official with a self-proclaimed wine lover, consider these full-bodied reasons to pop the cork:

They’re in tune with their senses.

Though all alcohol has a taste, wine is arguably the one that offers the most unique flavor profile. Whether they opt for a Cabernet or Merlot, a Zinfandel or a Pinot Grigio, they value the actual act of drinking, instead of merely boozing to get tipsy. Because to properly experience a glass of wine, they have to sip slowly and process intentionally, you know a vino-lover is connected to their senses. This might make them more patient and naturally curious, as they also use their sight, their touch, and all of their senses to fully connect to you, too.

Their communication skills are robust.

It’s not that a wine fan is being rude when the sample a wine and reject it, it’s just they know what they like. And more importantly, they understand the importance of communicating when something isn’t right. While sending back a bottle of wine doesn’t seem like much, having a partner who will clue you in when they’re upset about something will help diminish unnecessary fights and misunderstandings as your relationship progresses.

They know how to unwind.

With anything in life, moderation is key and when you’re hot-and-heavy with a wine drinker, you’ll always have a person to come home to. Since heavy liquors lend themselves to heavy drinking, wine lovers often prefer to grab a glass to unwind after a difficult day, they will help you strike a balance between adventure and exploring with much-needed TLC and downtime.

They appreciate age.

There’s no deadline on finding love, and for many varieties of wine, the same is true. In fact, the most expensive and sought after bottles are the ones who have lasted through the decades. When you select a partner off the top-shelf barrel, you know you’re getting someone who not only has patience to find the right match, but they will indulge in the way you age into a more beautiful version of yourself, too.

They’re heart healthy.

Red wine contains antioxidants that are linked to reducing the bad cholesterol and protects the blood vessels to the heart. Your Pinot-Noir partner will hopefully be yours to enjoy life with for the long run.

They’re likely foodies.

Many wine drinkers will take time to educate themselves on the best foods that pair with their go-to bottles. Because the composition of dishes, spices and mixtures can be transformed when they sip on a glass of wine, they always are seeking the best way to marry their stomach with their tongue. Dating a foodie means a lifetime of culinary experiences that show you the impressive imaginations of chefs around the globe.

They’re always ready for a celebration.

If there’s one rule of thumb for entertaining guests, it’s to always be prepared for when a happy, unexpected surprise conspires. When you’re in a relationship with a wine drinker and you receive a much-deserved promotion at work, land a big client, finally beat your best running time, the only thing sweeter than your success is cheering with the love of your life when you reveal your victory.

They are interested in the world.

Since determining which grapes are the best for your preferences is part of the schooling of becoming a bonafide wino, it’s likely your could-be partner has spent time exploring the world to find their vine. Even if they haven’t exercised their passport as much as they’d like, they can probably fascinate you with their robust knowledge of the different regions of the world that are known for grape growing.

You’ll visit some gorgeous locales.

Ever spent a day visiting wineries or touring through the stunning vineyards of Napa, CA? If the answer is no, you are in for a treat.

They’re romantic.

Let’s be real: wine is synonymous with romance, since the more you drink, the more sensual you often feel. When you’re with a wine drinker, you can expect nights out sampling the finest varieties, as well as sexy nights at your home, where toasting with even a more modestly-priced bottle is just as sultry.

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