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Which Oscar-Winning Movie Mentions Might Help (or Hurt) Your Dating Profile

Could the mention of a movie affect the desirability of your online dating profile? With the Oscars this Sunday, we were talking all things movies, and our research scientist Jonathan Beber decided to pull the data to see if there was any kind of impact. Short answer: Definitely!

He and the research team did a search for all of the films that have won Best Picture (looking through 3 million user profiles), to see what movies are mentioned  most often, and what the consequences were. The most mentioned films were…


If I had to choose one of the above films to mention, it would have the be ‘The Godfather’ or ‘Gladiator’. But, I may not be the norm! Here is the breakdown of what men and women mentioned most.

Here is where it gets interesting. It seems there are certain films that will increase the amount of communication you will get, and some movies will have the opposite effect (sorry, ‘Titanic’ fans!).

OK, ‘Ordinary People’ was an absolutely compelling movie. So, I get it. If you mention that movie you must be pretty deep. Of the popular movies listed, if ‘Titanic’ was mentioned, you would get about 4% less incoming communication than those who didn’t mention the blockbuster Leo and Kate flick. Beber and his team also found that those who talk ‘Titanic’ seem to be slightly more neurotic than the average user, scoring slightly higher on this personality factor. They are also slightly more fitness/athletic-minded than the average user.

Personality factors for the following movies:

  • ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’: Fans of this movie are a bit more introverted than the average user. They are more intellectually curious and score higher on cleverness.
  • ‘The Godfather’: Users who are fans of ‘The Godfather’ are slightly less agreeable than the average user. They score slightly lower on altruism and they value monogamy slightly more than the average user.
  • ‘The Departed’: Fans of ‘The Departed’ seem to be more fitness minded, scoring higher on athleticism. They are also extroverts who do not see themselves as romantic. They are more intellectually curious than the average user.
  • ‘The Sound of Music’: fans of this classic score slightly higher on agreeableness. They are significantly more religious than the average user and highly value monogamy in relationships.

Who knew one could tell so much from a single movie mention!? More popular films that resulted in less communication:

  • ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’: These users get 15% fewer communication requests than users who do not mention the popular movie series.
  • ‘The Godfather’: When compared to users who do not mention the mafia classic, these users get 4% fewer communication requests.
  • ‘The Departed’: Fans of the movie get 2.5% fewer communication requests than users who do not mention ‘The Departed’.
  • ‘Gone with the Wind’: When compared to those who do not mention this film, these users get less than 1% fewer communication requests.

Last year’s Best Picture winner ‘Moonlight’ didn’t fare so well with eharmony users — when this drama was mentioned, there was 24% less communication. Same with ‘Birdman’, where users who crowed (pun intended!) about the Michael Keaton flick received 33% less comm requests.

Bottom line: It’s always good to be authentic and specific when filling out your dating profiles.  If all else fails, throw in that you are an ‘Ordinary People’ fan (but please watch the movie on Netflix first!).