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Ten Pickup Lines for the Bookstore

by Jeannie Assimos - July 25, 2012

Bookstores are chick-flick-approved meeting places. They can be great locales to use pickup lines in the real world, too. Just lay on the charm and the literacy.

Here are our top ten pickup lines to use at the bookstore:

1. Grab a dating advice book and ask if you can test-drive a pickup line on her. (Cheesy line delivery is welcome in this instance.)

2. Grab a random book near where the cute stranger is standing. “Oh, this is that cool book that helps you meet interesting girls in the history section.”

3. If you’ve read the book the person is looking at, provide a quick, entertaining review. Your helpfulness will be appreciated, plus you’re indicating that you might have similar tastes in literature.

4. Offer to help her reach a high book, or find a book in a section you’re familiar with. (Some expertise is required here.)

5. Offer colorful commentary in the magazine section. “Is Vanity Fair the co-ed version of Vogue?” “I check here weekly to keep tabs on my buddy Clooney.”

6. “What do you look for in a man, other than impressive literacy skills?”

7. Pick up the same book he/she is looking at. “Wanna start a book club?”

8. Ask for help. “The last five books I’ve read were awful. Do you have any recommendations?”

9. Hang out near the new releases, where most people visit: “Have you read this one yet? Reviews were pretty mixed.”

10. “If we were in a romantic comedy, this would be the cute scene in which we meet, banter, and quickly fall for each other.”

Have you had luck meeting anyone at the bookstore?