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15 Reasons to Date an Optometrist

by Jeannie Assimos - May 28, 2014

They are the wonderful professionals who protect our eyes, ensure our optimal vision, and help prevent disease. Many of the qualities that make these men and women so valuable in their careers translate into personal relationships.

If you have the opportunity to date an optometrist, here are plenty of reasons you should have the foresight to do so:

1. As your partner, an optometrist will look deep into your eyes with great appreciation.

2. An optometrist understands the value of seeing things clearly—including issues that affect his/her most important relationship.

3. Optometry is a steady field, always needed and in demand. These are professionals who likely won’t have to worry about career prospects and financial security.

4. Your optometrist-lover will score points with your eyesight-challenged parents, siblings, and friends. They’re sure to receive special care and attention.

5. These people have demonstrated perseverance and persistence. The training and licensing process requires many years of intense study and testing.

6. Optometrists are in a serving profession, and helping others is a part of their make-up. That’s a quality that enriches a romantic relationship as well.

7. They know how to handle stress. In today’s health care environment, they must manage busy schedules, comply with complicated procedures, and deal with frustrated patients.

8. Optometrists have strong people skills—they help patients all day long, showing care and compassion.

9. They have opportunities to travel—to conferences, consultations, and continuing-education seminars. Wouldn’t it be nice to tag along?

10. Optometrists know how to deal with a wide range of people—young and old, congenial and cranky. It takes patience and poise.

11. These professionals are dependable: many patients rely on them for accurate advice.

12. They know how to collaborate. Their job requires them to cooperate with colleagues, nurses, support staff, and others. That’s good for you, since romantic relationships are all about collaboration.

13. Optometrists must be good listeners, hearing the concerns of patients. And since “good listener” ranks high among qualities singles want in a partner — this is another bonus.

14. With a steady flow of patients every day, optometrists meet all kinds of interesting characters … which will give you plenty to talk about.

15. Optometrists know, perhaps better than anyone else, that the eyes are essential to life … and love.

Why else should one date an optometrist?