A woman surfer sitting on her board in the middle of the ocean
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15 Reasons to Date a Surfer

by Jeannie Assimos - February 26, 2015

No doubt surfers have a certain mystique. They have a laid-back vibe and a hang-loose approach to life. Plus they look super hip carrying their surfboard down to the water and paddling out to ride the next set of waves.

If you date a surfer, you’ll find many more cool qualities besides a casual, carefree attitude. These people have a variety of characteristics that would enhance a romantic relationship:

1. Surfers seek adventure. These people want to live life to the fullest, getting up before dawn to catch the best waves.

2. You’ll get to hang out at the beach with your love–often. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday … or any day.

3. Surfers fall and get back up. Falling off the board is an expected part of a surfer’s day—and so is getting back on time after time. You want a partner with that kind of resilience.

4. These people have learned patience. They know the best waves are worth waiting for—just like a romantic partner.

5. Travel to exotic places. Surfers dream of going to the top spots in the world—Bali, Costa Rica, Australia, Hawaii —and you could be their special guest.

6. They know how to read and navigate waves. Since daily life is full of up and downs, this ability will benefit a long-term relationship.

7. You can learn to surf, too. If you’ve always wanted to give it a shot, you’ll have your own personal instructor.

8. Surf culture has amazing music. Whether you prefer The Beach Boys or The Surf Punks, Weezer or Jack Johnson, you’ll have lots of great tunes to listen to.

9. They live in the now. Surfers know to seize the moment and go full-tilt all the time.

10. Tandem surfing. This is when two people surf together on a single board—more good practice for a long-term relationship.

11. You’ll never lack for something to do. Your next couples’ outing is only as far as the nearest beach.

12. These people appreciate and respect natural beauty. With this attitude, your surfer-lover will hopefully appreciate your beauty as well.

13. You’ll add to your vocabulary. Surfers have their own lexicon of fascinating terms and words, including “goofy foot,” “rhino chaser,” and “bombora.”

14. Surfers are tanned and strong. This may not be the top reason to date someone—but no one complains about a partner who’s fit and vibrant-looking.

15. You can slather on your partner’s sunscreen. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!

Tell us other great reasons to date a surfer…