A woman in a smock working on a watercolor painting
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15 Reasons to Date a Painter

by Jeannie Assimos - August 4, 2014

Working up the courage to ask that cute painter out for coffee? Just do it. Here are 15 reasons to date a painter:

1. Who wouldn’t want to be a muse?

2. Painters are self-disciplined, passionate, and motivated.

3. Your date might challenge the way you look at the world around you.

4. You’ll be exposed to a whole new world of galleries, art events, and exhibitions. Date nights will be fun and inspiring.

5. Your date’s friends are not boring. You’ll meet creative, interesting people.

6. Most painters are self-employed and have flexible hours. Spontaneous road trips are welcome.

7. Painters work hard for their money and don’t necessarily make a lot of it. They’re careful with cash and are driven by their passion, not a paycheck.

8. Your date probably has fantastic taste in a lot of areas. Her restaurant recommendations, wardrobe tips, wallpaper suggestions, and music picks will be worth paying close attention to.

9. Painters are open-minded and are willing to give new ideas and opinions a chance. Expect lively discussion and debate.

10. You’ll be inspired — and maybe challenged — to pursue what you’re passionate about, too.

11. Like to travel and see the world? You’re in luck. Painters enjoy seeing, doing, and trying new things.

12. Painters are interested in the world around them. Your date will likely show a genuine interest in getting to know what makes you tick.

13. Painters don’t settle. They care about improving their skills and constantly bettering their art.

14. Your date is creating something-out-of-nothing for a living. If that’s not brag-worthy, what is?

15. Painters can spend a lot of time on their own. They don’t need constant stimulation from people all day to be creative — but will appreciate date night at the end of a quiet day at the studio.

Why else should one date a painter?