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15 Reasons to Date a Nutritionist

by Jeannie Assimos - February 18, 2014

Everyone knows that good nutrition leads to good health. What you put into your body greatly affects your energy level, mood regulation, and overall well-being. Nutritionists are the trained individuals who provide guidance for what to ingest and what to avoid. Here’s something else: Nutritionists have personal qualities and professional qualifications that make them great candidates for a romantic relationship.

Here are 15 reasons why:

1. Spending time with a nutritionist each day will surely help to keep the doctor away.

2. You won’t have to wonder about a nutritionist’s cholesterol—or his or her stamina on the dance floor.

3. Dating a nutritionist is the most fun you’ll ever have while dieting.

4. You’ll wonder why you didn’t give up fast food sooner.

5. Nutritionists know all the best farmer’s markets or other places to purchase the freshest foods.

6. A nutritionist believes you are what you eat—so he or she will always feed you well.

7. Nutritionists are devoted to the health of others, including you.

8. You’ll have lots of cozy dinners at home when dating a nutritionist, because he/she likely prefers to do the cooking.

9.  A nutritionist knows that a relationship, like the human body, will only be as healthy as what you put into it.

10. No more TV dinners!

11. Nutritionists are likely to look really good at the pool or beach.

12. Nutritionists are healers, using the oldest medicine around—good food.

13. Who knew romance could be so delicious—and good for you?

14. Dating a nutritionist will put a bounce in your step, because you’ll be healthier and more energetic than ever before.

15. A nutritionist understands how the body can operate at optimal efficiency—not a bad quality to have in a lover.

What else is great about dating a nutritionist?