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5 Tips for Creating a Great First Date

There is no formula for a perfect first date. You don’t need to stress out planning every detail in order to have a romantic afternoon. A date is supposed to be lighthearted, low pressure and, above all, enjoyable.

Creating a great first date is not rocket science. A little thoughtfulness, confidence, and imagination should do the trick. Here are a few guidelines to help you maximize your chances of success.

1) Make room for conversation.

The whole point is to get acquainted, so the first date may not be the right time to go hear your favorite local rock band. You might both enjoy the music, but communication will be limited to sign language. The best dates are ones that involve something to do while still providing opportunities to talk. Try a trip to the museum or the zoo. Go for a hike or a bike ride. Even if you stick with the traditional dating classic–dinner and a movie–make sure you leave time after the show for coffee and more conversation.

2) Make sure your date feels safe.

Football games and rock concerts may be fun, but they often attract a raucous crowd. And a date may not feel comfortable having dinner at your place alone. Choose something that provides a sense of safety.

3) Choose an activity that doesn’t require special tastes.

Unless you know your date would like an evening of 17th Century Persian poetry, don’t suggest it as a first outing, no matter how much you would enjoy it yourself. If possible, learn something about your date’s interests in advance and plan accordingly.

4) Choose an activity that can be cut short gracefully.

The fact is, first dates don’t always succeed. Sometimes it is quickly apparent you are not compatible, and you want to call it a night early. If you take your date to the baseball game, you could get stuck with nine whole innings of awkward silence.

5) Opt for an activity that is not overly expensive.

Your date may insist on paying half, even if you planned to pick up the entire tab. So choose something to do that anyone would feel comfortable paying for.
Keep your first date simple, safe, and fun, and you’ll increase your chances of having an easier, breezier time on your second date.

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