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Your Matches and Higher Education – How Much Does it Matter to You?

When it comes to your matches what are your feelings about higher education. Is it a no discussion deal-breaker? Do you just want them to have as much education as you do? Would you be willing to trade a college degree for other desirable traits?

In a prominent article last year Forbes* called into question the causation between a college degree and higher lifetime earnings. They asked, “Do college graduates earn more over a lifetime because they went to college or because they tend to be smarter?” This made us wonder to what degree eHarmony users a) value a college degree in their matches and b) place a higher value on degrees from certain schools.

Here are some questions to discuss:

1.    If you had three matches, and only one had a college degree, would you tend to communicate more with that match? (Assume that all other factors were equal.)

2.    Does the level of higher learning a person has achieved make any difference to you?

3.    Again, all things being equal, do you place a greater value on a match that has graduated from a university that is generally considered to be prestigious?

4.    Would you be more interested in meeting someone that graduated from your university?

5.    If you were forced to choose one of these three preferences to give up on, which would it be?

College Education, Your Height or Taller, Affectionate

College Education, Affectionate, Your Age or Younger

*The Great College Hoax
Kathy Kristof, 01.14.09, 06:00 PM EST
Forbes Magazine dated February 02, 2009