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Woman Saying Four: “I’m fine.”

You’re probably thinking she’s fine. And she is, if the words are accompanied by eye contact, physical touch, and a smile. But if she’s looking away or saying the words with tight lips, she’s probably saying, “I’m not fine, but I’m not ready to talk about it.” Many men find it confusing when a woman clams up like this, especially since women have the reputation as the talkers of the species. But even women who need to talk need space sometimes, too. Granted, the healthier approach would be for a woman to say, “Something is bothering me, but I’m not ready to talk about it right now. Can we discuss it later?”
But if she goes with the tightlipped “I’m fine” approach instead, you can: (A) keep asking her if she’s okay; (B) let it go and never bring it up again; or (C) let it go for a few hours then gently bring it up again. Sometimes A (within reason) can work. B is probably a mistake. C is a good option because it shows you respect her need for space but genuinely care about her feelings.