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Woman Saying One: “What do you think of my new hair color?”

One of the differences between men and women shows up in how we communicate with each other. Here are five phrases women use that seem puzzling to the men in their lives, along with an explanation of what she probably REALLY means.

You might think she wants to know if it’s a good color or not. And she does, but if the truth is unflattering, she wants to hear it from one of her girlfriends, not from you. Unfortunately, it’s likely that none of her girlfriends are around when she’s posing that question to you, so what to do?
Lucky for you she’s also asking you a second question, which is “Do you think I’m beautiful?” The question you choose to answer is up to you. Even if you’re not crazy about her new look (or new outfit or whatever she’s modeling), you can praise her overall appearance, which is the real issue anyway.