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Three Ways to Make a Great Woman Notice You

When it comes to getting the attention of a great woman, pick up lines are the fastest path to failure.  In this article, David DeAngelo reveals the three best ways to pique a woman’s interest the first time you meet her.

After watching so many men use pick up lines and memorize “scripts” to get the attention of high-quality women, here’s what I realized: these guys almost always get rejected right off the bat, and here’s the simple reason why

High-quality women are wired to know what they want in Mr. Right. This is why pick up lines and pre-designated “plans” are a fool’s errand when it comes to getting noticed by a great woman. They usually have exactly the OPPOSITE effect…making a woman experience that “Oh no, not this again” feeling and instantly become disinterested.

They “signal” that a man is not coming from a place of personal confidence and strength…in other words, a place where he might possibly be her “Mr. Right.” This is why, whenever I talk about approaching a great woman in the right way, I’m talking about sending her the right  signals, right from the start, by doing three things when you first meet her.

#1: Use Proper Body Language

There’s no doubt about it, body language can be MORE important than the words you use with a woman. Most guys destroy any chance of success by projecting nervous, submissive, or even apologetic body language and tone-of-voice when they approach a woman. All of these behaviors send the signal that they aren’t ready to be her “Mr. Right”… which INSTANTLY shuts down a woman’s receptiveness to being approached.

Vicious cycle, right?

However, once a man paves the way” to connecting with a woman by losing the nervous twitches, sustaining eye contact and speaking, strongly, slowly and clearly, he’s halfway to winning her full attention.

Then it’s time to…

#2: Start A Great Conversation

When it comes to getting noticed by quality women, the best way to flirt is to know how to start (and carry on) a great conversation. And to do it, I recommend that all grown men take a page out of the Boy Scout handbook and BE PREPARED. Educate yourself. Always have a few “hot” current topics in your back pocket. Be well-versed on them.

I highly recommend reading one major newspaper cover-to-cover every day — there’s no better way to get a “crash course” on what’s happening in the world and the ability to speak on it intelligently. Now, add in some intelligent HUMOR to the conversation (study comedy books if you have to) and you’ll suddenly find more and more great women opening the door to the possibility that you just might be their Mr. Right.

#3: Lower The Stakes

No doubt about it, the biggest reason men have trouble with the above is because they’re so tense, nervous or even scared when they meet a great woman. And it’s simply because they feel like there’s so much at stake. Most guys are worried that they’re going to embarrass themselves or are certain that, if they DO blow it, they’re doomed to never have a chance with a great woman again.

This is why I suggest men look at every first meeting with a woman as one of MANY to come, and act accordingly. Think of it like meeting with a good buddy or an old friend for a casual outing, and then behave that way. In fact, imagine how you’d act on a first date if you were behaving like you knew — with 100% certainty — that a woman already thought you were her Mr. Right. You’d ask meaningful questions about her deeper interests and passions instead of making nervous small talk. You’d PAY ATTENTION to her answers and follow up in smart, appropriate ways.  You’d REMEMBER what was important to her, and focus on those subjects.

I know…“imagining” all of this sounds like a big shift in the way most guys think, and it is.

But, once you can make this change to your inner game, it will result in a huge change in how easy it is for you to get the attention of great women. In fact, it will start to happen almost AUTOMATICALLY.

So, focus on building THOSE abilities and traits inside yourself, and you’ll never need to rely on canned “lines” and stale “scripts” again… 


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