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‘Green Flags’: What Do You Want in a Partner?

What do you want in a partner? Instead of focusing on negative attributes to be aware of — what are the great qualities you are searching for? Here are our favorite and fantastic “green flags” the Advice community wrote about:

bravethestorm writes:

1. Eye contact when you talk
2. Gentle touch
3. Makes you laugh/shared sense of humor
4. Shared interests
5. Willing to compromise
6. Thoughtful
7. Romantic
8. Kind in words and actions “just because”
9. Takes concern in how you feel or what you want
10. Makes you a priority in their life
11. Similar values and/or mutual respect of differences

JDavid‘s list:

1. Thought and intelligence evident in what is presented
2. Effective communication (clarity, proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling)
3. Avoidance of tired / trite clichés, sayings, expressions
4. Positive outlook (and lack of negative comments or attitudes)
5. Clear, dated, representative and appealing photograph
6. Information about activities and interests (that parallel mine)
7. Indication of balance in life (absence of obsession)
8. Emphasis on important life issues with a partner rather than entertainment or frivolity

CreolePrincess writes:

1. Is nice to animals, children and the elderly
2. Answers questions easily and asks questions in return
3. Respect personal boundaries
4. Is able to laugh at self
5. Is law abiding
6. Geniune smile
7. Treats others with dignity and respect

What are your must-have qualities in a mate? What single attribute is the most important to you?