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Be Warm, But Not Grabby

When you walk in to meet your date, chances are you’ll have no idea where they stand on questions of physical affection. Does he/she like to hold hands? Does he/she like to kiss on a first date? You can’t ask these questions, and so you’re advancing with little sense of what this person likes. It’s funny, you can talk about politics, religion, and past loves, (although you probably shouldn’t) but you can’t ask about kissing. Our advice, if you like the person, is to be a little warm. Touch their arm when you tell a story, as a passing gesture. Establish that you’re not two work colleagues having dinner. This is about romance, even if you’re being slow and respectful. During the evening lean in a little and see what your date does. Does he/she lean away from you? Bad sign. Lean in? Very nice.