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Have a (Life) Plan

One of the things your date is going to want to know about you is, “Where in the heck is this person going in life?” They want to know because there is some small chance that they will be going with you. It’s hard to come out and ask, “What’s your plan, Stan?” and so people dance around it, but they really want to know where you’re headed. You’ve GOT to have an answer to this question. You’re answer may be, “I’m in grad school right now. I’m going to graduate and look around and see what my opportunities are.” That’s fair. Your answer might be, “I have it made. I’m not changing anything. I want to do exactly what I’m doing until I keel over.” That’s good, a very direct answer, but people get in trouble with hemming and hawing. If you seem like you’re aimlessly floating, why do I want to hitch my wagon to your pony?