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Communicating Attraction-Building Confidence to a Woman

Any guy who feels shy, inexperienced, or insecure around women knows for a fact that saying and doing the right things to spark attraction can seem incredibly difficult — even impossible. It’s all because of a lack of confidence in that area.

But here’s the great news: ANY man can learn to communicate attraction-building confidence by mastering five simple, not-so-obvious behaviors that have a huge impact on how women “see” him.

#1: Be Direct

A lot of guys fail with women due to a chronic disease…they aren’t direct enough. In other words, they make the lethal mistake of constantly over-explaining and trying to “convince” women to be with them.

The cure is becoming a man who always gets to the point. Want to know something about her? Ask. Want to spend time with her? Don’t try to “persuade” her (or worse… drop “hints”) about it. TELL her you want her to join you, preferably in doing something that you’re passionate about. She may accept or not… point is,  you’re showing her that you have a life and want to be with her…also known as broadcasting CONFIDENCE.

#2: React emotionally…to the RIGHT things.

No doubt about it: Women love a man who’s capable of having emotional responses to things. Today more than ever, a guy who can show real feelings and passion about the important things in his life (his family… his career…his hobbies) communicates confidence. It shows that he knows what he wants and is passionate about going after it.

However, if you get easily emotional and upset about the wrong things (small inconveniences…perceived insults…other guys) then, at best, she’ll judge you to be insecure. At worst, she’ll judge you to be an unstable creep.

#3: Take Charge

Even the shyest guy in the world can do this. Show the woman you want that you’re the captain of your ship by steering things in the direction that YOU want them to go. No matter what decision you’re making (what to have for dinner…what movie to see…where your next date will be…) just decide what to do next…and then DO it.

This shows inner confidence that women pick up on fast. So make decisions and go with them for better or worse instead of always asking tons of questions and seeking approval.

#4. Stop “fishing” for compliments and approval.

A lot of guys act cool, brag, and “show off” to get attention and compliments from the women they want. They rattle off  “accomplishments.” They shower a woman in gifts and expensive meals. They trash-talk other guys.

All this does is “telegraph” to a woman that you’re insecure and needy inside. Don’t do it, and you’ll immediately score “confidence” points. Even better — when she finds out later that you’re killer at wake-boarding or the undisputed master of Call Of Duty, she’ll be even MORE impressed because she figured it out without you telling her.

#5. Disagree the RIGHT way.

Obviously, no two people can always agree…so take advantage of that fact to communicate that you have inner confidence.

Instead of being like most guys who believe that the best way to communicate confidence to a woman is winning every “argument” and having his opinion win…when you disagree with a woman, use it as an opportunity to connect with her on an emotional level.

You accomplish this by asking why she feels the way she does…by learning more about her…by using that knowledge to find new ways to have fun with her. All sure signs of attraction-building CONFIDENCE.

Bottom line: Communicating confidence to a woman is all about remembering that it’s not your mission to “win her over” or “impress” her. It is your mission to eliminate the needy, insecure, approval-seeking behaviors that kill attraction…and replace them with a few simple behaviors ANY man can do to broadcast a deep inner confidence… the kind that makes great women want to get to know YOU better.


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