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A Women’s Dating Don’t: Uncovering the Root of this Issue

Things are going amazingly. You cozy up with him and get ready to share that goodnight kiss and…he pulls back, looking a bit shocked. Then poof – you never hear from him again after that fated evening.

One of the reasons this may happen is because he felt (shudder) fuzz on your face! OK, maybe we are being a bit dramatic, but it is important to consider this issue. The reality is that over 60% of women have unwanted facial hair, and go to great lengths to remove fuzz from their chins, upper lip, jaws, nose, cheeks and even the side of the ears!

Facial hair can affect your self-esteem; yet removing it is another frustrating process, leaving redness and blemishes. According to a recent survey, 15% of women said they would actually rather stand in line at the DMV than go through the process of removing their facial hair. You know it’s bad when that is a preferred option. And 64% of men admitted women with facial hair is a turn-off.  So what to do?

This is where Olay comes in with their new product for removing fine to medium facial hair, Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo. Is this the answer to your plucking and tweezing prayers? We like to think so.

Before anyone starts the hair-removal process, Jillian Wright, Clinical Esthetician and owner of Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa in NYC, says it’s important to prepare skin first by exfoliating to remove dead skin cells. Hydrating is also important. “This essential step softens the hair for easier removal as the hair will absorb the water, thicken and stand up away from the skin.” Wright filled us in on Olay’s new product. The two-step process actually begins with the exclusive Skin Guarding Balm, which Wright says, “conditions and guards the skin before removing the hair.”

Step two is the actual hair removal cream. It’s a water-based cream, which you apply over the Skin Guarding Balm to weaken and remove fine to medium hair. Then voila – that darn fuzz is gone. Redness and irritation are significantly reduced in ten minutes or less after the simple process is completed. Women can remove their unwanted facial hair minutes before leaving the house for their next date…self-assured that they’ve got smooth skin – and hopefully a smooth date waiting for them!

Learn much more about Olay’s Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo – and everything you need to know about removing the unwanted hair from your gorgeous face.