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Truth or Fiction – Valentine’s Day is a great day to meet Singles?

Dating News Item. That paragon of dating advice, Maxim Magazine, in their February US edition has published an article extolling the virtues of Valentine’s Day as a great day to meet women. They point out that women who don’t have a significant other often go out in groups to try and “celebrate” their singledom and forget about the high holiday of couple-hood. While the end goal of a Maxim article is not generally going to be about long-term love and companionship, there’s no reason that a serious-minded dater couldn’t use the same theory to meet someone new.

  • Women, do you go out on Valentine’s Day with your friends to forget about this Hallmark holiday?
  • Women, would you be more or less receptive than usual to a friendly hello from an attractive man on V-Day?
  • Men, have you ever had any success venturing out on Valentine’s Day to meet a woman?
  • Everyone, does this idea make sense? Can we get some male volunteers to grab a wingman, test the theory, and report back to us all?