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Top Five Dating Safety Red Flags

Whenever you’re meeting new people, it’s important to observe some basic safety guidelines. The simple guidelines below can help you learn to spot red flags that signal inappropriate behavior.

When you decide to start dating, it’s a great idea to spend time thinking about the different aspects of the process that are so important to your success. These range from small details, like how you’ll dress, to big issues, like what you’re looking for in a partner. Of course, one area you’ll need to think through is safety. Observing some basic safety guidelines is a good idea whenever you’re meeting new people. The simple guidelines below can help you learn to spot red flags that signal inappropriate behavior.

1.    Asking for money – If a date asks to borrow money on a first date or even early into the relationship, just say no. Be wary of anyone who asks to borrow money or property from you, no matter how sad or convincing their story is. Some specifics to watch for are people who ask you to send money so they can travel to see you or those who ask you to send money to a bank or Pay Pal account. Additionally, watch for daters who claim to have recently been laid off of work or “scammed” out of their money.

2.    Getting too personal too soon – Be wary of anyone who seems to be asking for a lot of personal detailed information right out of the gate. Limit details such as your home phone number or address, work location, birth date, etc. While most likely these questions are merely conversational, asking too many detailed questions too soon could be cause for concern. If a date does ask a lot of personal questions, it is best to give vague answers. While it’s fine to say what city you live in or what you do for a living, avoid specific addresses and street names.

3.    Odd or Inconsistent Behavior – When you’re meeting a new person one of the most important observable traits is a sense of normalcy. Does this person seem normal? As you consider everything you’ve read online, in email, heard on the phone, and in person does it seem consistent? Are their noticeable contradictions in the important and basic facts of his/her life? Does the person do things that seem unusual – calling you at odd hours or rescheduling dates at the last minute again and again? Clearly, everyone can have a bad day, but you’re looking for patterns of behavior that might seem out of the ordinary.

4.    Solicitation Attempts – Many online dating sites, like eHarmony, use sophisticated methods to ensure that the people who are using the site are single and sincere in their desire to meet a great relationship partner. Anyone who trys to sell you on an organization or a product has violated the terms of service. It’s always good to touch base with the company customer care team when you’re approached by a solicitor.

5.   Suspicious Charges on Your Accounts – Whenever meeting new people, it is best to keep your personal belongings with you at all times. If you do notice suspicious charges on your credit card statement, bank statement, etc., it is possible that your personal information was exposed. Having a credit monitoring service is the best way to keep tabs on your credit in the event your privacy is ever compromised.






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