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Spark His Love With A ‘Passion Story’

The way you talk about the things that matter to you is a very powerful way to show a man how lovable you are. Here, learn a specific technique for revealing the wonderful parts about you in a way that feels completely natural and will make a man want to know more.

A powerful way to peak a man’s interest and make dating fun again is to use what I call “Passion Stories”.  If dating for you has gotten to the point where you feel you’re just going on one audition after another, Passion Stories will completely change the way you relate to a man.

A Passion Story is when you talk with incredible passion and energy about something you love.  It could be a book, a film, a hobby, your work, or somewhere you’ve been.  It doesn’t have to be big.

Being passionate and romantic about even the most pedestrian thing in your life shows a man that you’re not afraid to be you.  It shows him that you are a woman who knows herself and is in touch with her feelings.  What’s more, it lets him know you have a life, meaning he won’t feel pressured to make you happy or “complete” you.  Before he knows it, he’s falling for you and wanting those things all on his own.


So what’s your Passion Story, and how do you tell it in a way that feels natural and draws a man in?  Simple.  Say you’re out with a guy, and he asks you about your favorite travel destinations.

Instead of rattling off a list of facts, zero in on a particular destination and express it using feelings, not descriptions.  Many women go to Paris, but it’s your interpretation of that trip and how it made you feel that makes you unique and will make the right man fall for you.  It’s like a song sung by two different artists – it’s the unique interpretation of each artist that will draw you in…or not.

You’ll feel the tendency to describe the experience (I went up the Eiffel Tower, I ate countless croissants).  Instead, express your feelings (I felt complete exhilaration looking over the whole of Paris, I was dizzy with pleasure with each flaky bite).  Really notice the difference between describing the experience and expressing your feelings.


Or suppose you’re into volunteering, and a date asks you what you do in your spare time.  Take this as an opportunity to spark his passion by talking passionately about how your volunteer work makes you feel.

Instead of just saying you do shifts at a soup kitchen or read to kids, really get into the experience by expressing your feelings.  “I love the bond that happens between the people I volunteer with; it feels so good to be doing something within the community, and it takes my mind off of work.”  Or, “When I spend time with these kids, I actually end up learning from them – they make me feel like being spontaneous and just enjoying things as they come, like children do.”

The more passion you feel when you talk about your subject, the better.  These are the novels and poetry of your life, and they are what will draw a man in on a deeper level.  When you share the details of your life with Passion Stories, he’ll naturally feel compelled to come along for the ride.


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