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Common Love Myths and How They Affect Your Dating Life

Feel like your love life falls short of a fairy tale? Frustrated in your search for The One, Prince Charming, your own Happily Ever After ending?

If you’re looking to improve your chances of dating and relationship success, you may first need to debunk some common love myths. The following are common relationship myths, followed by simple reality checks:

Myth #1: The Rescue Fantasy

Are you waiting for your perfect partner to swoop in and rescue you from your life? If so, you may be waiting forever. The truth is, in order to be a truly successful single, you have to first save yourself. That means not waiting for your perfect partner to come along before you resolve unpaid debts, emotional baggage, or any other area of your life where you are unhappy. If you think you might be buying into the rescue fantasy, you first need to take a long, hard look at your life and ask yourself what you’re waiting for your perfect partner to fix and/or provide. Once you get your answers, you owe it to yourself to take steps to resolve those issues and problems on your own. In doing so, you rescue yourself and become a truly successful single. As a result, you will most likely start attracting more suitable and satisfying potential partners. Love that!

Myth #2: The Fairy Tale Trap

Once upon a time, little girls everywhere were raised on the notion that one day Prince Charming would come along and sweep them off their feet. If you’re still waiting for your Prince Charming, stop. There is no glass slipper, no magical kiss, no storybook ending. And that’s fantastic! In the new millennium, love is not a fairy tale. Don’t expect your dating life to be picture- perfect. Just as you are human with all your fabulous flaws, the people you date are equally human and equally flawed. By celebrating your own strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be better equipped to celebrate the wonderfully flawed individuals you date.

Myth #3: Someday My Prince Will Come

In the past, have you found yourself on a date with someone who was nice enough, but was a far cry from your laundry list of potential partner qualities? Did you discount their positive qualities and instead focus on the negative? If so, you may have talked yourself out of getting to know someone who could have been really terrific. In 2008, with Iinternet dating, speed dating, instant breakups, and instant hook-ups, it’s all too easy to discard one potential partner for another. While having lots of dating options is good, it can also make genuinely connecting with someone more difficult. In the process, your prince may just come along…and go! Do yourself a favor and slow down, pay attention and give yourself permission to date less- than- perfect people. You may just find someone who is perfectly imperfect for you.

Myth #4: The One

If you think you may have met and discarded The One, don’t despair. The good news is there’s no such thing as The One. In fact, along your journey toward happily ever after, you will meet lots of potential Ones. Your job is to stay open-minded, be your best self, and learn your valuable lessons from each and every person you date. That way, when good Ones come along you can spot them, date them, and decide if they’re the One for you.

Myth #5: And They Lived Happily Ever After…

Once you meet your perfectly imperfect partner, you can sit back, relax, and live happily ever after, right? Wrong. The truth is real relationships, unlike fairy tales, take work. Finding your perfect partner is just the beginning. Learning to check your emotional baggage, being willing to compromise, and communicating in healthy ways are all part of the deal. In order to do so, you’ve got to first be healthy and happy on your own two feet. That way, you’re ready, willing, and able to attract a healthy and happy partner. Ultimately, your version of happily ever after will be uniquely yours. And that’s better than any fairy tale you’ll ever read about!

Now that you know the common relationship myths to avoid, you’re better equipped to enjoy a fun and fulfilling dating life. By freeing yourself from the fairy tale, rescuing yourself, and creating realistic views of love and relationships, you’re well on your way to attracting your perfectly imperfect partner, because you too are perfectly imperfect.

Good luck and happy dating!