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15 Reasons to Date a Writer

Writers might not have impressive checkbooks, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make great dates. Here are 15 reasons to date a writer:

1. Writers can woo you with words. If your love language is words of affirmation, you’re in luck. Writers can find thousands of ways to tell you how much they care.

2. Writers can stroke your ego. Maybe you’ll become her muse. Maybe he’ll thank you in a book dedication. Maybe you’ll become a sounding board for new ideas.

3. Money doesn’t matter. Date a writer and you’ll be dating someone who does what they do because he/she loves it, not in an attempt to get rich.

4. Writers go to interesting events with interesting people. Get ready to mingle with fascinating intellectuals and artists — and to roll your eyes at a few pretentious individuals.

5. Writers often have flexible schedules.

6. Most writers can write from anywhere. So if you’re concerned that your job might take you to France, your new guy or gal might be (easily) convinced to join you.

7. Writers offer unique and thoughtful perspectives on a variety of subjects.

8. Writers often enjoy solitude and don’t need a busy social life to thrive.

9. Related to #8, after a long day of writing, your presence will be a welcome breath of fresh air.

10. Writers are smart. Some are hilariously witty. Others are trivia nerds. You’ll likely pick up a few new words, random facts, or a deeper appreciation for certain topics when spending time with one.

11. Writers are often open books, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and able to articulate their thoughts and feelings (at least on paper) eloquently.

12. Writers are creative problem solvers.

13. Writers deal with criticism and rejection daily. They learn to smartly assess constructive criticism and persevere in tough times. Writers don’t give up easily.

14. Writers can multitask, juggling assignments, pitches and personal assignments.

15. Love letters won’t have spelling errors in them. Neither will grocery lists.