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15 Reasons to Date a Fashion Designer

Sure, they might have better style than you. But that shouldn’t discourage you from saying yes to dinner and a movie.

Here are 15 reasons to date a fashion designer:

1. Your date will notice your new shoes. (He’ll understand your closet-space complaints, too.)

2. Remember when your ex showed up for dinner at your ‘rents in a sloppy tee and baseball cap? Not this time. Your date might even upstage you.

3. Not sure what to wear? If you need a little fashion advice, you’re in luck.

4. To succeed in fashion, you need brains. Your super-creative dinner date will also have engineering, math and problem-solving skills.

5. The world of fashion is a highly competitive one. You’ll be dating someone who’s a passionate, entrepreneurial go-getter.

6. While fashion designers often keep long, unconventional hours, they do enjoy some flexibility. (Just don’t expect much quality time together during Fashion Week.)

7. Hobnobbing! You’ll meet interesting people at interesting events.

8. Your date will appreciate you. At the end of a long, crazy day of juggling expectations, deadlines — and dealing with those aforementioned “interesting people” —  your presence will be a breath of fresh air.

9. It’s hard to succeed in fashion. And while there’s the possibility of doing well financially, your date probably isn’t in it for the money. You won’t be dating a sell-out.

10. To ensure their vision is clearly relayed and well-executed, fashion designers have to hone their leadership and communication skills.

11. Your friends will be impressed by your emerging new sense of style.

12. Dating perk: Fashion Week tickets.

13. Not sure if that old favorite coat is repairable? Your date will know. Get ready to learn a lot about clothing care and construction.

14. Your significant other won’t put your wool sweater in the dryer. Or accidentally toss their red socks in your white load.

15. Fashion designers fall into one of two camps: self-taught or design-school graduates. Both groups are highly motivated to make it to the top. You’ll be dating someone with something to prove.

Why else should one date a fashion designer?