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Ten Skincare Secrets to Shave Years Off Of Your Age

Just because you’re of a certain age doesn’t mean you have to look it. If you’re looking to defy time and shave a few years off that first impression, here are ten skincare secrets to take years off of your age, no surgery required.

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #1: Cleanse & Exfoliate

Cleanse before bed. It’s predictable advice, but only because it works. A day’s worth of makeup, dirt and oils can irritate the skin as you sleep, so be sure to add this step to your bedtime routine. Most cleansers advise that you cleanse an already wet face. This lessons irritation. Keep your skin from looking dull by massaging the product into your skin for at least a minute. Age-defying stars like Kim Cattrall swear by daily exfoliation. A gentle scrub rejuvenates skin cells and gives you a youthful glow. Quick tip: Try Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser!

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #2: Bedtime Routine

Topical creams including retinoids — a must-use in your anti-aging strategy — and vitamins C and E are best used at night, as sunlight can reduce their efficiency. Get your beauty rest. Opt for a luxurious sleep mask to ensure that flashes of light from your alarm clock don’t rob you of essential REM sleep. Sleeping on your back prevents the pillow-case-inflicted wrinkles and counters gravity’s effects. Raising your head higher than your body helps with lymphatic drainage and can keep morning puffiness to a minimum.

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #3: Moisturize & Protect

Moisturize your skin, letting it set for about three minutes before applying foundation. Once your moisturizer is completely absorbed, it will help your makeup last all day. As every anti-aging advice piece will tell you, apply sunscreen daily. Sun damage, one of the most direct routes to aging, weathered skin, is easier to prevent than treat. We love the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream!

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #4: Beyond the Face

You may take good care of your face, but don’t ignore your neck, décolleté, and hands. These areas often give us away, so make sure your morning moisturizer/sunscreen routine and evening retinol application extends to these areas.

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #5: Prime Time

Primer smoothes the surface of your skin and creates an even canvas for makeup application. It keeps your foundation from settling into creases, and also keeps your makeup lasting all day. Tip: Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex rocks!

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #6: Cover Up

It may sound counterintuitive to lighten up on the concealer as you age — and have more to “conceal” — but piling it on can draw attention to the very flaws you’re trying to hide, caking around wrinkles and bags. Use it sparingly and strategically, opting for a yellow-based concealer to counteract dark circles.

Powder can often settle into fine lines. If you’re not fighting shine, consider skipping this mattifying step. You don’t want your makeup looking cakey. In fact, try mixing a little moisturizer into your foundation to keep your makeup — and skin — looking fresh and natural.

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #7: Blush & Bronzer

With age, the face can get a little hollow, making cheekbones pop. Take advantage of this, sweeping a little Covergirl blush across the top of the cheek. Add a little bronzer a shade or two darker than your skintone below the cheekbones, and you’ll be a glowing beauty. The blush/bronzer combo will create a youthful glow. For a soft, natural look, opt for the sheen of a cream blush, or swap out the hard blush brush that comes with your compact for a softer medium-sized brush with angled bristles. Both options allow for seamless blending.

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #8: Bee-autiful

Bees are in. Bee venom has been dubbed “nature’s Botox” by some: it reduces the appearance of wrinkles by lifting, tightening and firming facial muscles. Beeswax lip balm is a great lipstick primer. Its thick consistency prevents color from bleeding. Eat honey. The natural plumper helps keep your lips soft and smooth.

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #9: Eat Beautifully

Applying vitamins D and C topically can do wonders for the skin — vitamin C can help reduce inflammation and fight off wrinkles — but eating for great skin is just as important. Eat clean, choosing foods for their antioxidants, omega-3s and zinc, an important player in collagen creation and repair. Use olive and canola oils in your salad dressings. The good fats help increase absorption of carotenoids and vitamin E in your diet, which, in turn, contribute to improved radiance in your complexion.

Sip green tea. Green tea drinkers tend to have less sun-related damage than those who don’t partake in the antioxidant-packed beverage.

Shave Years Off Your Age Secret #10: Soften Up

Less is more when shaving years off your age. Sheer lipstick is less harsh than dark, opaque shades and won’t draw attention to creases around the mouth.

Overplucked eyebrows can age you, so work with a professional to let your brows grow into a fuller, flattering arch. A touch of shimmer can give you back a youthful glow.

Don’t be afraid to relearn how to apply makeup as you navigate your aging face. Understanding how to make the most of your face’s contours can help make you look more rested and will draw attention to the features that are best standing up to the test of time.