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15 Reasons to Date an Administrative Assistant

If that cute admin. assistant keeps catching your eye, ask her out — as long as she’s not YOUR assistant. (Keep it classy at work.)

Here are 15 reasons to date an administrative assistant:

1. Can’t stand a flake? To be good at their job, assistants have to be reliable.

2. An administrative assistant is often the first person visitors and colleagues encounter in the office, so a cheerful disposition and good people skills are a must.

3. Assistants are often climbing the corporate ladder. (Wonder Woman first joined the Justice Society of America as the team’s secretary. She was soon promoted to fighting crime with the boys.)

4. They can usually leave their work at work. You won’t have to worry about her taking her work home with her, a real date-night spoiler.

5. He will know where you left your keys. Assistants are organized.

6. Not too shabby! If you’re planning to grab after-work drinks with your significant other, your date will show up in polished, professional attire.

7. Assistants are very valuable to a company. Your date is probably well-respected — and has job security.

8. They typically have set hours. You likely won’t need to worry about on-call emergencies and weekend shifts.

9. Assistants can multitask, tackling multiple projects at once.

10. Assistants save the day, helping problem-solve and reduce the boss’ workload. You’ll be much appreciated if you can lend her a helping hand after hours.

11. Who doesn’t love Pam Beesly or Miss Moneypenny?

12. Assistants are flexible and adaptable at work, often rising to the occasion and taking on roles not part of their job description.

13. Like librarians, assistants have plenty of subtle sex appeal.

14. They are excellent note-takers, filing away important information and keeping everyone on task. Your date won’t forget your birthday.

15. Need a listening ear? Assistants are often given brief verbal instructions that need following closely. They’re also privy to plenty of office gossip. So while he/she will give you undivided attention, make sure you’re also ready to let him/her share work tales at the end of a long day.

Why else should one date an administrative assistant?