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Why Successful Women Can’t Find a Great Man

I’ve got a quick fascinating little quiz for you that’s going to show you something you need to know about men.

QUESTION: Who’s a man more likely to go for?

Is it:

A) A woman who’s smart, independent and “together.”


B) A woman who doesn’t seem to have that much going for her and seems to “need” a man and a relationship.

ANSWER: If you’re like lots of women I’ve talked to, then it’s your experience that men overwhelmingly seem to go for the “B” women – women who don’t really have their life together in some important ways. Why do men behave like this? What’s the deal? Why don’t they see what an amazing catch you and the women who have their act together are?

Here are two reasons a man might make the mistake of choosing a less “together” or successful woman over you.

1) Men Are Misreading You

Does having a busy successful career change the way you act in love and relationships? Balancing work and relationships can be a real ongoing challenge. So let me ask you: do you expect to have the same kind of success with men as you have in business, simply because you’re more “together” and you have more going for you?

A mistake that lots of men make is assuming that the same skills that have created success in their professional life translate to their romantic life. If a man too often “brings the office home” with him, it can have a negative impact on his love life.  The same goes for you as a woman. If you’re busy, stressed out, and can’t get out of “work mode”… you likely won’t be communicating the soft, feminine woman inside you.

If a man can’t see the kinder, gentler side of you, he may misread the woman you truly are who’s all about love and intimacy, too.

2) It’s About The Attraction, Not Your Success

If you’re a successful woman, there’s something you need to know. Your career accomplishments aren’t all that a man is looking for. A guy doesn’t fall in love with an Ivy League degree, a six-figure income, and an impressive job title. He falls in love with a woman.

Whether you downplay your success, or rely on it to draw men to you, the truth is that neither option will attract a man to you or make or break your relationship in the end.

It’s the EXPERIENCE you create together that matters.

You can be “Woman of the Year” on paper but what truly captures a man’s interest and attention is the level of ATTRACTION he feels when he’s around you. And I’m not just talking about physical attraction. What I call emotional attraction is just as important as the physical chemistry.

A man feels emotional attraction for a woman when he sees something special about a woman’s PERSONALITY, and he suddenly recognizes her as unique. The kind of woman he would want to be with in a serious relationship. Are you letting your best self shine through? Does a man recognize you as the woman he wants to be with from the start?


Now you’re starting to understand that a man doesn’t choose to be with you because of your resume. He chooses to be with you because of your personality, and how you make him FEEL.

What emotions are you inspiring in the man in your life? Is your own success as a woman really threatening men? Or is the energy you’re bringing to relationships not helping you create what it is you’re really looking for?

When you create amazing EXPERIENCES with a man, and don’t let your career overwhelm you and affect your love life, then the fact that you’re successful and “together’ is an amazing bonus… instead of being something that scares him away. I’ve helped thousands of women – single and in relationships – to create the intense attraction with their guys that leads to loving and lasting relationships.

I’ll talk to you again soon, and best of luck in Life and Love.

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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