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When It Comes to Dating is 60 the new 50?

Depending on whom you believe, Americans are:

a) Aging better than ever and looking great for longer and longer,
b) Fatter than ever, suffering the terrible damage that obesity inflicts on the body and ignoring the simple advice that would keep them healthy.

We’re either living longer more exciting lives with vigor, passion and interest in growing and improving well past our working years, or we’re more sequestered, living in virtual worlds with less money, less confidence and a growing sense that we’re going to be kept alive long after we’re ready to go.

The same can be said for the senior crowd. Is 60 the new 50? Are seniors looking better, staying physically fit and connected to popular culture, remaining creative and engaged, or is this a case of baby boomers using a catch phrase to refuse the simple fact that they getting old?

WHICH IS IT, and is there any way to draw a general statement about today’s 60-year-olds?

If you’re 60 years old or older, tell us what you think about yourself and the current crop of senior dating prospects.

1.    Do you generally find that your matches are fit, attractive and looking considerably younger than their biological age?
2.    Do you generally find that your matches are knowledgeable about popular culture and consume film, music, TV, and websites that span a range outside the typical?
3.    Do you consider yourself much different than when you were 35?
4.    If your date said, “Hey, let’s go to a midnight movie?” Would you go?
5.    What’s the difference between your biological age and the age most people believe you to be?
6.    Would you say your musical tastes are pretty much frozen in time or do you have interest in recent popular music?
7.    Do you believe that being 60-years-old in the second decade of the 21st Century is really like being 50 twenty years ago?

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