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What 30 Rock Has Taught Us About Love

Everyone loves Liz Lemon. Everyone does not, however, want to follow in her love-gone-awry footsteps. Learn from Liz’s mistakes — and never opt for “given up” mode, evidenced by a cat named Emily Dickinson and a wardrobe of fanny packs and baggy sweaters.

Here are some love lessons from ’30 Rock’:

Don’t “fake it ‘til you make it.”

Liz Lemon was intimidated by the seeming perfection of her neighbor, Dr. Drew Baird (the uber-handsome Jon Hamm), so she created a persona she was sure would impress him. Her scheme failed. When he gave her a second chance at being herself, she learned Mr. Perfect was actually pretty dumb.

Phoebe, a one-time fiancée of Jack Donaghy’s, faked a British accent to win her way into his life and fortune.  They didn’t make it to the altar.

Love lesson learned: Be yourself. At least if a relationship fails, it will fail for the right reasons.

Some deal breakers are reasonable.

Deal breakers Liz should have had: Don’t date someone if you have to fire his girlfriend first, don’t date someone whose pet name for you is “Dummy,” avoid white-collar criminals, and don’t date your cousin. The list goes on.

If the situation seems absurd or dysfunctional, it likely is. It’s okay to walk away from unhealthy relationships.

Love lesson learned: Have standards — and stick to them.

Choose loyalty.

The surprising example of a long-lasting relationship on ’30 Rock’ comes from Tracy Jordan and his wife of 20-some years, Angie. Sure, the actor still parties with women — it’s to maintain his rap credentials, he says — but Tracy claims fierce loyalty to his wife.

Despite being one of the crazier characters on the show, Tracy got one thing right: he stuck by his wife through thick and thin.

Love lesson learned: Loyalty is a choice. Commit.

Keep your jealousy in check.

Salma Hayek’s Elisa Pedrera was about to marry Jack Donaghy when she revealed that she killed her last husband in a jealous rage after he cheated on her. That ended things pretty quickly, especially since that same jealousy reared its potentially homicidal head when she suspected that Jack and Liz were fooling around.

Love lesson learned: Don’t let the green monster dictate your actions. Related: Thou shalt not kill.

Don’t cheat.

Jack cheated on his ex-wife. His new wife cheated on him. Infidelity is often a vicious cycle, broken only by a conscious, resolute decision to remain faithful. Healthy relationships take work — and don’t look to people outside the relationship when times get tough.

Love lesson learned: Don’t be a cheater — and be careful when dating someone who has been one.

Similarities attract.

Opposites may attract for some, but Jack Donaghy fell for Avery Jessup, the female version of himself who could keep him on his toes and who shared his love of witty insults. Similarly, Jenna Maroney fell for a literal male version of herself, cross-dressing Jenna Maroney impersonator Paul L’astname.

Find a partner who shares a love (and/or hatred) for the same things as you, or who at least agrees with you on important things like commitment, family, and faith.

Love lesson learned: “Someone like you” is more than just a pop song; it can be a love match.

Make sure your marriage officiant speaks your language.

At Jack and Avery’s wedding, Liz accidentally ended up married when the officiant confused her with the bride. Make sure you marry the right person.

Love lesson learned: If you’re the bride, make sure the officiant knows it.


What’s your favorite lesson or moment from ’30 Rock’?

30 Rock returns to NBC October 4th!

Image credit: NBC