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How I Became an Action Star and Found the Love of My Life

When I first started making my film “How To Become An Action Star in Ten Weeks,” I knew that I wanted to change my life because I was hopelessly single and directionless.  But I never imagined that the process of making my boyhood dream a reality would unlock the door to a whole new world and lead me to find the love of my life! 

It all began three years ago.  Although my life looked pretty good on paper — I felt empty and unfulfilled.   

When the alarm clock went off early in the morning I awoke with little enthusiasm.  After years of on and off exercising I’d stopped working out and was making regular trips to Starbucks for a late morning croissant (sometimes two). I stared plaintively out the window in between cold calls and wondered why I wasn’t more satisfied, and most importantly, why I wasn’t meeting Ms. Right. 

While I’d had a number of romantic relationships over the years, none of them lasted.  I took comfort in a friends’ reassurance: “Michael, all your relationships have been successful.  It’s just that some are shorter than others.” (Some were a lot shorter.) 

But I knew the real common denominator in all my non-everlasting relationships wasn’t the women, it was that man staring back at me in the mirror. 

So I took a good hard look at myself… 

My life was lacking what I’ve come to understand as the essential ingredient to a happy, fulfilling existence, PASSION. And I realized if you want to find the love of your life, you first have to find the love in your life.   

Somehow I’d started out as a Theatre Major in college but ended up a commercial banker.  For what seemed like good reasons at the time, I’d focused consistently on securing my income to build for the future. There’s nothing wrong with that except that I was totally disconnected from the one thing that deep in my soul, I most wanted to do, most wanted to be …  An Action Hero. Like Bruce Willis in “Die Hard.” 

As a kid I always worshipped and aspired to play this type of “All-American Hero.”  And why not?  These guys were fearless, didn’t follow the rules, they were forces to be reckoned with, and in times of crisis our only hope.  

So from deep in the middle of my existential funk, I came up with a truly insane idea of how I would change my life: I would do whatever it took to transform myself into an Action Star. I would become a hero like the guys in the movies and rescue my own life.  And I would do it in only ten weeks and chronicle the entire experience in a real life video diary. 

From the moment I said yes to my crazy dream, I’ve been living an inspired life.  I’ve made my movie, found my creative spirit again, and, with eHarmony’s matching system based on interests, personality and shared passions; I even met the woman of my dreams. 

I’d tried online dating before, but this time, because I knew who I was and was in touch with my inner passion, I was able to fill out my eHarmony profile in a way that confidently expressed my true self and attracted the girl I’d been looking for all my life.   

I’m so grateful for eHarmony but I now understand that before I could find the love of my life I had to find the love in my life, and that made all the difference. 

We all have dreams but not every one of us chooses to live them.  So give yourself permission to say, “yes” to your inspiration and your whole world will open up.  I found my passion, my authentic voice and my true love.  And you can too!   

Check out my movie “How To Become An Action Star In Ten Weeks (The True Story of How I Found Love)” and experience first hand how I transformed my life in 10 weeks by living what I love.