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15 Reasons to Date an Employment Recruiter

If an employment recruiter shows interest in you — and not just because you’d be a perfect fit for a position he’s hoping to fill — go ahead and say yes to that dinner invitation.

Here are 15 reasons to date an employment recruiter:

1. Hate awkward silences? Employment recruiters are great conversationalists and know which questions to ask.

2. Related to #1: Recruiters actually listen, too.

3. If you’re looking for a little life advice, your date might have some words of wisdom to offer.

4. Not satisfied at work? You’re in luck. Your date can probably help you land a better job or get that promotion.

5. A recruiter knows how to be a good support system. At work, she’s a team player, working as an extension of HR departments.

6. Employment recruiters have set hours. No crazy 80-hour work weeks here.

7. He’ll be your cheerleader. Employment recruiters excel at identifying strengths in others.

8. Your date’s a great screener. He probably already knows he’s making a good decision by asking you out.

9. She can identify and meet needs. Employment recruiters anticipate and provide what employers are looking for.

10. Your date will likely be an organized, efficient multitasker. To be successful, he/she must accommodate employers’ deadlines and specific requirements. He probably won’t forget about your plans on Friday night.

11. Your date is trustworthy. Companies trust your date to screen, interview (and sometimes hire) employees for them.

12. Sick of being the spiffy one in relationships? You’re in luck. Most employment recruiters have tailored, professional wardrobes.

13. They’re plugged in. Your date knows how to strategically use Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to find and interact with potential job candidates. (Note: Your date probably Googled you in advance. So you don’t have to feel too guilty if you did the same.)

14. The job requires confidence. Your date will present herself as put together and self-assured.

15. Employment recruiters are good at selling ideas. Your date will want you on board — and has likely already convinced you to say yes to that dinner date next weekend.

Why else should one date an employment recruiter?