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Top 10 Guide to Las Vegas Dating – Las Vegas Date Ideas

There’s so much more to dating in Las Vegas than the Strip. Check out eHarmony’s Top 10 Guide to dating in Las Vegas.

You’ve heard the clichés, and by now you’re sick of them. Sure, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But what if you just happen to be someone who wants to stay in Vegas—a permanent resident? In a place where people come to play, how do you get taken seriously as a person who wants to start a relationship?

Consider this: There are about two million permanent residents in Las Vegas. In contrast, there are about 40 million tourists. While it may not be easy to find your perfect match, it’s far from impossible. Here are some guidelines:

1. Live like a local

Most locals will tell you that only visitors and second-home owners choose homes on The Strip. There are a large number of condominium developments outside of the city center. Real estate agents and locals alike recommend homes in the Greater Las Vegas valley, in such communities as Summerlin, Lake Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Red Rock and Queensbridge. A community focused on the regular activities of daily life is the best place to meet a life partner.

2. Dress for the Weather

Be practical. If you’d like to meet someone for a serious relationship, dress accordingly. Flashy garments suggest a frivolity that you may not want to express. Instead, choose clothes that allow you to move comfortably in a hot climate.

3. Avoid Bars, Especially Along The Strip

Locals describe the bar scene as being a victim of the “Vegas mentality.” In other words, people do not come to a Vegas bar in search of a serious relationship. Rumor has it that a culture of “disinformation” prevails in the bars on the strip. In other words, people are apt to give false information, because they believe that the person they’re talking to is not really looking for a serious relationship.

4. Visit Casinos Frequented by Locals

The same rules about bars applies to the casinos. If you enjoy them, stick to the ones that are frequented by locals, such as the Station Casinos.

5. Take a Hike

While most people focus on the gambling aspect of Vegas, few realize that there’s a spectacular outdoor environment just outside the city limits. If you have a date, why not leave the city center and spend the day hiking Red Rock Canyon or Mount Charleston.

6. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Speaking of Red Rock Canyon, it hosts a number of spectacular concert series. Can you think of a more romantic spot for a date?

7. Go Boating

If you’re looking for a cool date in a hot climate, consider taking out a boat on Lake Mead. If you don’t have a date, the Las Vegas Hot Boats Club might be a great place to meet other water lovers. Make new friends by participating in its online forum.

8. Explore the Vegas Arts District

Here you’ll find a find a diverse mix of galleries, unique stores and restaurants. Try Fremont Street, just a short walk or bus ride away. Locals refer to the arts district as “18b,” because the original district consisted of 18 blocks. Today, it has become much larger than those original 18 blocks, and has evolved into an exciting mix of residential, cultural and commercial venues.

9. Make a Date for First Friday

Speaking of the Arts District, a major arts festival takes place on the first Friday of every month. It’s on from 6 to 9 p.m., and features gallery openings, street performers and entertainment.

10. Find your Sexy

Meg Bertini, creator of DreamTime Publishing, hosts a nightly show at the Harmon Theater. This unique spectacle is designed to entertain, while helping you gain confidence and get in touch with your “inner self.”

What are your top Tips for Dating in Las Vegas?

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