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The Valentine’s Gift Guide for Everyone

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day will be here in about 3 minutes, so if you haven’t gotten your partner anything yet, we’ve got you covered in the ideas department.

If you are single and enjoy the holiday: Celebrate the love that is in your life. That could mean just ordering Veggie Grill in with your besties, or sending your sister some chocolate-covered strawberries, or bringing your adorable miniature pinscher a heart-shaped cookie from the gourmet pet store (hey, don’t judge!).

The point is that love comes in many variations, not just romantic. Be grateful for the wonderful people who enhance your life every day. Please, let them know how much they mean to you.

Any First Date Takers: If you are brave enough to embark upon a first outing on Valentine’s Day, may I recommend meeting up for breakfast, or brunch? Nix the ideas of any gifts at this early stage. A prefixed dinner at this point could put too much pressure on you both (not to mention be really expensive).

Those in a new relationship (not committed yet):

Isn’t the Bouquet Bar beautiful?

If you aren’t at the committed stage yet, it is still a really good idea to acknowledge your new love interest. If you are the flower-sending type, Bouqs company tells us women actually prefer getting them sent to their homes versus the office. And roses are still a good route to go, but 60% of women actually preferred other florals like lilies, tulips, or daisies. Most importantly, don’t forget to include a card (which is just as meaningful as the arrangement!)

Other gift ideas – succulents,  home baked goods (who doesn’t love a batch of chocolate chip cookies or a loaf of banana bread), a nice bottle of wine, or a bubble bath kit (think bath bombs, candles, and loofahs!).

Those in a new relationship (exclusive):

Some couples go all out, others just look at the holiday like any other day. I think it’s a good idea to know where your partner stands prior so you are on the same page.

For the traditionalists, the flower industry has come a long way. There are roses that actually last one whole year, or a more modern version of florals that come in a sexy box.

If you are a more experiential type, surprise your love with a couples cooking class – they have them in most major cities. There is also the painting paired with wine-drinking experience in many restaurants – also really fun.

The constellation map is a really thoughtful gesture.

Those in a long-term relationship:

Take a walk down memory lane with a custom-created “story of us” book, these are the sweetest and most thoughtful mementos ever. In the same vein is a constellation map that tells your relationship story.

A few guys in the office said they wouldn’t mind getting The Echo Dot or Google Home, and zodiac jewelry is also a trending gift option.

One of my favorite gift ideas for any holiday is paying it forward, by sponsoring someone in need, or donating to a favorite charity in your partner’s name.

If all else fails, I don’t think anyone would turn down a day of decompressing at the spa. Better yet, book the spa time together.