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Sydney Dating – Top 10 Sydney Date Ideas

Dating and finding long-term relationships are as easy as falling off a log in the dynamic city of Sydney, Australia! Read on for the complete dating guide right here!

1) The City of Sydney

‘Sydneysiders,’ as you call yourselves, have an exciting milieu to explore. With over four million inhabitants and 1687 square kilometers, Sydney is the largest and most vibrant metropolitan area in Australia. You can enjoy arguably the most romantic setting in the world. Called the Harbour City, with the world’s largest natural harbour, it has imposing views of the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Blue Mountains to the west. And natural beauty abounds to lovers’ delight. Numerous national parks, bays, inlets, beaches and rivers greet the eye.

2) Ethnic Diversity

Whether you are a native Sydneysider or foreign born, you can enjoy the flavour of Sydney’s diversity. This city boasts the seventh largest foreign-born population in the world. Harbour City is a major destination for immigrants and tourists. Most speak English, but there is a large contingent of Arabic speakers, mainly from Lebanon. So, if you are seeking a partner from your own culture or of a dissimilar background, you will find it in Sydney.

3) Climate

No excuse for staying inside because of the weather! Sydney has a temperate clime most of the year. You can be outdoors yearlong, whether it is in the hottest month, January, or the coldest, July. Dress is usually very casual. Occasionally, you have to be on the lookout for wind storms or hail, but that just adds a little spice to your rendezvous.

4) Economy/Employment

You can’t help but find a possible dating partner in the thriving workplace of Sydney. Unemployment is less than 5 %, the median age of Sydneysiders is 34, and the city enjoys a median income of $43, 000. This evolving metropolis has seen a transition from manufacturing to the service sector. Jobs are plentiful in real estate, business/finance, retail and the health sector. Join a professional organization to meet interesting date possibilities.

5) Transportation

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting around in Sydney!

• CityRail is a moderate-cost way to go almost anywhere, and there is a multibillion-dollar expansion going on.

• Busses: with 300 routes and 1700 modern, air-conditioned, reliable busses, you can get to work or a rendezvous on time and in style.

• Ferries: in combination with rail and busses, they offer 3-in-one tickets that allow you easy travel and unparalleled vistas. Ferries can be part of the date since they go not only to 37 wharves, but to the exciting city of Manly, or to Taronga Zoo, or to Sydney’s Aquarium, as well.

• Taxis are very popular in Sydney and are not as expensive as in cities of comparable size. You and your date can take in restaurants and night spots by taxi and avoid parking hassles.

6) Neighbourhoods

You can be overwhelmed by the varied choices for living accommodations in Sydney. But there is a section for everyone’s pocketbook and taste, from the modest to the ‘in’ or chic, or from the average to the ultra-expensive.

Here are but a few:

• Southern Suburbs: mixed housing with nice beaches

• Inner East: attractive nightlife, cafés and restaurants

• Outer West: historical, with rivercat travel and area of Parramatta

• Blue Mountain Area: great views and nestled homes

• City/Urban Living: clean, dynamic, everything within walking distance for entertainment and shopping needs. Pitt and George Streets for average-cost shopping, and check out Queen Victoria Building for upscale, niche markets.

• Newtown and Enmore: areas for students and alternative lifestyles. Sydney is a relatively expensive city for living. Average rents run around $1800/month for middle-sized apartments. So, if you want dating and fun outings in addition to your cost-of-living expenses, be prepared to have a good income.

7) Cultural Events

You and your love interest can always find events and places to visit that have a cultural aspect. Sydney prides itself on its appreciation of nature and the arts. Depending on the time of year, the two of you can take in the Sydney Festival, with indoor and outdoor performances. How about investigating the city’s many film festivals and the unique Tropfest and Flickerfest? You might even be able to get tickets to Australian Idol, or get in to see the Fashion Week. As if this weren’t enough to dazzle your date, you could also take in the Opera Australia, the Sydney Symphony, or the City Recital. Check out the newspapers to see where some films are being shot. Since Fox Studios Australia came to town, there have been 229 movies produced here.

8) Different, Impressive Date Sites

There are tourist areas aplenty that you and your date might enjoy. And they can be in the form of romantic ferry rides or walks along the popular beaches. But if you seek quiet times with your love interest, you might consider the following: the Chinese Garden of Friendship (buy some flowers for your sweetheart), Hyde Park, and the Domain and Royal Gardens.

9) Sports

You Sydneysiders love your sports. The city has everything from 9 National Rugby League teams to horseracing (Randwick Racecourse) and netball. The two of you can also take in the NRL Grand Final, the Hobart Yacht Race and the City-to-Surf foot race. Also you can walk, run or bike to your heart’s content.

10) Nightspots/Restaurants

Sydney is a lover’s paradise for dining and nightlife. Just go to the areas of Kings Cross, Circular Quay, The Rocks, or Darling Harbour, for example. You will find delightful venues. If gambling is your game, go to Star City Casino. In the inner city, check out Newtown and Annandale. Also, eateries and nightspots are available throughout Sydney. Check out the Bondi, Manly, Cronulla and Parramatta areas.

If you are looking for romance, a beautiful setting and a great lifestyle, you can’t beat Harbour City. Here, you can find multiple dating opportunities or fall in love once, for a lifetime.