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Seattle Dating: Guide for Dates in Seattle

by eHarmony Staff

Seattle Dating: Guide for Dates in Seattle

Your guide to dating in the Emerald City.

Below, you’ll have an opportunity to give us your tips for dating in Seattle, so let us know what you think!

Seattle has all the charm you’d expect from a town whose nickname is the Emerald City. So it’s not surprising that its population of about 600,000 continues to climb. For you and all the other newcomers, here’s a dating primer.

1. Live in Town

Downtown and Belltown, near the Space Needle, are expensive but within walking distance of all the major waterfront events and sports venues. For greener pastures that are still close to the action, consider Queen Anne and Ballard—residential communities that offer a mix of retail strips, farmers markets, and yoga studios.

The younger set that frequents the Belltown, Downtown, and Queen Anne nightlife tends to fall into three categories: Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon.

2. Take Public Transportation

Bus service by Metro Transit Agency is excellent downtown and in the University of Washington area. Increase your likelihood of meeting a friendly stranger by ditching your car.

3. Go Green

Speaking of being carless, this is a crunchy-granola kind of town. Rather than expensive dinners and gifts, impress your honey with homemade hummus and a handmade card.

4. Get Outside

With average high temperatures of 47 degrees Fahrenheit in January and a blissful 75 degrees in June, Seattle is a mecca for the outdoorsy crowd. Most people are fit and active, and you’ll find runners in the parks and along neighborhood sidewalks rain or shine. Take your date Rollerblading along Alki Beach, canoeing through the Washington Park Arboretum, or hiking through the Olympic Mountains.

5. Dress for Drizzle

Seattle’s seemingly endless winters mean overcast skies and a steady drizzle and up to six inches of precipitation every month. Skip the umbrella or you’ll look like a tourist, and don’t bother straightening your hair for a date. Just stay dry under a weatherproof jacket so you’ll look cute once you get where you’re going.

6. Linger Over a Cup o’ Joe

Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, so naturally there are plenty of places for a coffee date on a drizzly winter day. Beyond the usual chains, snuggle up to your sweetie at Revolutions, a trendy spot whose large courtyard is prime for people-watching. Or try Bauhaus Books and Coffee, where the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves will spark conversation as you and your date debate which Bronte sister was the most talented.

7. Stick to a Budget

Check alternative newspapers The Stranger and Seattle Weekly for cheap goings-on. Besides outdoor sports, you can head to Pike Place Market to watch the fishmongers toss lunch around and to sample aphrodisiacs like wine, honey, and chocolates. The place is buzzing with tourists and locals alike, providing ample background noise to fill in those awkward first-date silences.

8. Wine and Dine

 on the Cheap There are plenty of dinner options in every price range, so set your budget and then decide where to go. You could share a plate of oysters at Ivar’s Seafood for under $20 or drop $100 on dinner for two at the romantically lit Il Bistro.

9. Be a Gadget Guru

Seattle is teeming with young, tech-savvy professionals. Don’t assume your date is brushing you off if he texts you with dinner details or sends an instant message to tell you he had a good time last night.

10. Take a Long Weekend

Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Canada, are each within a three-hour car ride. When you’re ready to get serious with someone, book a room at a bed and breakfast and make it a long weekend. Road trips are notorious for taking a relationship to the next level because of all that bonding time you have in the car.

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