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San Jose Dating Ideas – Top 10 Guide to Dating in San Jose

eHarmony Advice has you need to know about dating in San Jose. Check out our top 10 tips for dating in this Northern Californian city.

1) The City

For work, play and dating, it is hard to beat San Jose. This 178-square-mile city of almost a million people has a median age of 32.6 years, with a median household income of $87,000, and an almost equal number of males and females. It is a dynamic metropolis, the largest city in the Bay Area and the third largest in California, growing at a rate of 1.8% and with 34% of the population single. And to extend your dating possibilities, you can easily go to San Francisco or Santa Clara for a day or evening.

2) Ethnic Diversity

The city is proud of its ethnic diversity, comprising 36% whites, 30% Latinos and 27% Asians. Also indicative of the melting pot that helps define San Jose is the fact that 54 languages are spoken here. And the residents in this diverse population generally feel safe since San Jose boasts the nation’s best safety record.

3) Employment

San Jose has a vibrant business community: 21,000 service businesses, 9,000 branch businesses and 7,800 businesses in the finance/insurance/real estate sector, followed by many other industries. But one major development since the 80s really piques the “looking for dates” crowd: the technology industry. The area has 6,600 technology companies, and that is why it is known as the Silicon Valley. This is one industry where you find a young population seeking fun and relationships.

4) Transportation/Living

If you and your date want to ditch the car and save money and hassle, San Jose offers a variety of means for getting around. Whether you are going to work or play, you can easily get there by public transportation. The city offers light rail, bus and shuttle service. And the service is not just for in-town use; you can head out to some of the surrounding areas.

5) Educational Opportunities

San Jose has 18 institutions of higher learning, with over 50,000 full- and part-time students; the major institutions are San Jose University, Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College. There are also six major schools with multiple branches in the surrounding areas. Whether you want to improve your mind and skills, meet someone, or partake in the myriad of collegiate events, San Jose’s educational milieu offers it all.

6) Attire

Choosing the right attire is easy in San Jose. Generally, it can be described as casual and smart. In the workplace, even in top-notch business environments, there has been a downward shift in work wear since the 80s. This is probably due in large part to the arrival of the technology industry and its “let’s be comfortable” ambiance in the workplace. In most businesses, except for certain special occasions, ties have given way to a more laid-back but professional look. And many companies have what is called “jean Fridays.” For dating purposes, since the temperature averages 50 degrees in January and 70 degrees in July, San Jose offers a perfect clime to be casual in most instances. Relaxed is the attire du jour.

7) Sports and Outdoor Activities

The professional sports scene is not as healthy in San Jose as it is in its neighbor, San Francisco, but couples can enjoy the San Jose Sharks (National Hockey League), San Jose Earthquakes (Major League Soccer) and the San Jose Stealth (National Lacrosse League). There are some minor teams to watch, as well as many college-level sporting events. Or if watching sports is not your date’s interest and the two of you want to be more active, how about taking in the Almaden Quicksilver County Park (hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding) or the Alum Rock Park, where hiking trails provide breathtaking vistas of the Santa Clara Valley. Or if you like floral displays, see the Japanese Friendship Garden in Kelley Park. How about the two of you pampering yourselves, together or separately? There are around 30 health and beauty spas that do everything from massages and skin care to facials and hair care. And, it is by no means limited to women these days. Couples enjoy this “appearance oasis” together.

8) Cultural Activities

San Jose has a strong presence of Chinese and Japanese cultural backdrops to be explored and enjoyed. In addition, the San Jose Cultural and Arts Events program sponsors festivals throughout the year: Jazz, Italian Family Festa, a Cinco de Mayo Festival, the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and even an Obon Festival, which celebrates and invites deceased loved ones to partake in the revelry. Another fun thing for lovers to do is to visit the galleries and museums in the South Bay area. Not so cultural, but fun, is to take in some wine tasting at area wineries.

9) Bars/Restaurants/Nightclubs

Nothing is easier than having an entertaining date in San Jose. To highlight but a few: On the modest-fare side, take in:

• Babe’s Bar and Grill: sports bar, 11 HD televisions and every libation imaginable, as you relax on leather couches;

• Anise Café: among other delights, rice paper rolls as well as a prix fixe menu. On the upscale side, on Santana Row, dine in style at:

• Consuelo Mexican Bistro: authentic Mexican cuisine and ambiance, superb sangrias and mojitos;

• The V Bar, inside the Valencia Hotel: upwardly mobile, see-and-be-seen crowd, fantastic appetizers;

• Also in the area: Rosie McCann’s Irish Pub, Blowfish Sushi To Die For and Amber India. For dancing and music, head to:

• Blank Club: the area’s only punk rock nightclub, voted Silicon Valley’s Best Live Music Club; • Club Rodeo: country music, well-known performers, good drinks and spacious dance floor;

• Studio 8: upscale, dazzling, multi-dimensional; join the in-crowd.

10) Downtown

If you want to have easy access to work, play and romance, choose to live downtown. This is the heart of culture, shopping, dining and partying.

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