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Phoenix Dating – Top 10 Phoenix Date Ideas

Ready for a little single fun in the sun? Then we’ve got the guide to dating in Phoenix for you!

1) The City

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, and it is the second largest U.S. western city, after Los Angeles. It is called the Valley of the Sun, or just the “Valley,” and the residents are called Phoenicians. This dynamic, ever-growing town gets its name from the mythical bird that rose from the ashes. And, hot it is in Phoenix, although the low desert humidity helps.

While tourists flock to town during the winter months, the locals just generally take it easy in the summer or seek cooler climes in the North. Phoenix is an exceptionally inviting town in which to date, whether you are a local or you are a visitor.

2) Working

You will find many opportunities to meet interesting date possibilities in the workplace. Forty-four percent of the population is aged 18–44, so it is a youngish city; and the ratio of female/male is about even (100f/103m). Phoenix has a high Hispanic population (34 percent), so being bilingual is a huge advantage for job seekers. Government, education, tourism, and technology lead the way in employment, but there are also seven Fortune 1000 companies in town.

3) Getting Around

Phoenicians enjoy the use of Valley Metro, which has buses and rideshare. But, they are really looking forward to the projected, highly anticipated Metro Rail, scheduled to open in December 2008. Many residents prefer using their cars and can easily scoot to their destinations via interstates. Also, the city is laid out in rather straight and long blocks, so finding your way around is easy. Residents, not unlike their L.A. neighbors, seem to enjoy showing off their ”ride.” So be prepared to cruise in style.

4) More Fun for the Bucks

Not only is dating relatively cheap for a city of this size, but there are many things that are entertaining and free. Unless it is an extremely hot day, you will see many people engaged in outside activities. So, lovers, make sure that you get that tan and are seen outside working your body.

5) The Look

Because of Phoenix’s Hispanic tradition, as well as its Native American influence, Phoenicians have cultivated a certain je ne sais quoi look that is all their own. In the summer, unique stone/mineral jewelry and slightly toned-down, relaxed bright colors can be seen everywhere. Yet, in the winter months especially, one can see the influence of the cowboy or Southwest persuasion. Almost anything goes in attire in this laid-back metropolis.

6) Outside Fun

There are many popular outdoor activities that you and your date can enjoy. To cool off and then picnic, go to South Mountain Park, the world’s largest municipal park. Take a dip in the great pool, then take out your wine and cheese and lull away the afternoon, or stay ‘til the sun goes down. You might entertain the thought of a guided tour with the Arizona River Runners and see the Verde, Upper Salt, and Gila rivers by motor vehicle or on a boat. This is a fun way to see the desert. Or take a ride out to the following mountains and hike around: Camelback and Sunnyslope (S mountain), both named for their shapes. Or if you are in the mood for some real physical exercise, try the Westworld Xtreme Pursuit Paintball club, located in a large air-conditioned building, with great lighting and professional guidance.

7) Sports

If you and your date prefer watching sports rather than playing them, Phoenix has what you are looking for. Besides college events, you can always watch professional sports. Phoenix is home to the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Suns, Coyotes, and six other teams. The area also has exciting thoroughbred and greyhound racing. You can wine and dine on the cheap in the clubhouse and maybe make some money on betting the ponies and dogs.

8) Cultural and Educational Activities

Take each other by the hand and learn some things of interest together.

• Go to the Arizona Science Center and see futuristic architecture. Try the interactive All About Me and the Fab Lab.

• Visit the Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park. This is Phoenix’s only natural historic site, with the first irrigation system. It also has Hohokam adobes and ruins.

• Spend a day at Copper Square. This has what the two of you are looking for. It entails one full square mile, including the Phoenix Museum of History and the Museo Chicano, as well as nightclubbing at Alice Cooperstown and Networks and special events at the Civic Plaza or Symphony Hall.

• See St. Mary’s Basilica, made famous by Pope John Paul’s visit in 1987. Enjoy the beautiful stained-glass windows and carillon tower.

• Not so educational, but a date pleaser: Stuffing Bear Factory. Guys, buy her a teddy bear; you will score many points.

9) Restaurants and Bars

There are so many good places to dine, drink, or have fun that it is difficult to know where to go. But you can’t go wrong with the following:

• Phoenix City Grille, in a shopping center, but nice ambiance, American menu, with Southwestern nuances. Modest cost.

• Cibo Urban Pizzaria, excellent food and ambiance, middle-of-the road price.

• Donovan’s of Phoenix, rated best ambiance, value, and steak and wine selection in town.

• Barcelona Restaurant, for a Spanish flavor and décor. Somewhat pricey.

• Nothing is more romantic than a fondue dinner. Dip and delight at The Melting Pot.

• Four Peaks Brewing, rated as one of the city’s best. Good selection of brews.

• Go to happy hour at Sapporo; you won’t believe the drink deals and atmosphere.

• For terrific cocktails and live music, dream about your mutual future at Martini Ranch.

• For fantastic, cheap healthy food, check out Pita Jungle. The portions are enormous, so the two of you can probably split a dish. With locations in Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale, there’s always a Pita Jungle nearby!

10) Entertainment

• You and your sweetie want some laughs together? Take in a fun-filled evening at the Rascals Comedy Club. Also, modest-priced food and drinks.

• Dance the whole night through: The Axis-Radius Club has two large dance floors and good service. So, there you have it. Good luck with fun and romance in happening Phoenix.

What are your top tips for dating in Phoenix?

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