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Detroit Dating Ideas

eHarmony Advice gives you what you need to know for dating in Detroit.

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1) The City

Know your town, and you’ll impress your date. Detroit – with such nicknames as Motor City, Motown, The D, and D-Town, among others – is a city whose fortunes have paralleled those of the Big Three automakers. “As GM goes, so goes the nation” is even truer for Detroit’s fate. This historic city, founded by the French, took its name from the meaning for “strait,” referring to the Strait of Lake Erie that connects that lake to Lake Huron. With a declining population of 916,000 residents within its limits, this city of 143 square miles has gone from the fourth-largest in the U.S. in the 1950s to the 11th-largest today.

2) Neighborhoods

As in many large cities, Detroit has a variety of neighborhoods. These range from the affluent to the middle class to the poor; generally, the more affluent are in the many fine suburban areas of Detroit, while the poorer residents live downtown. Some visitors might be surprised upon seeing the open spaces made vacant by abandoned neighborhoods, now called Urban Prairies. However, there are some nice, affordable housing options on the city’s fringe. Those who have the means to do so live in the historic area of Lafayette Park and shop in the Eastern Market, where they join 45,000 shoppers on Saturdays. You might prefer the Midtown or New Center areas, home of many cultural events; or perhaps Northwest Detroit, near the University of Detroit, suits your fancy. If you are dripping in money, live in Grosse Point. On an interesting note, there is a large enclave of Belgians here – the greatest number in the world outside of Belgium.

3) Employment

You might find your love interest at work. Metro Detroit has an unemployment rate of 9.7%, and the inner city has a rate of 14.2%. Although these figures are obviously high, there are still plenty of opportunities for talented people. The auto industry is sluggish now, but there are 17 Fortune 500 companies offering many jobs in advertising, chemicals, computer software, finance and law. Also, check out the casinos: Detroit is the largest U.S. city to have casino resorts.

4) Transportation

There is a dependable bus service throughout the city and to the outskirts; you can take the SMART system toward the suburbs and beyond. A good way to get around downtown is to use the People Mover, which has been expanded to go around a loop there. There are also three major interstates and three bridges to get you around town or into Canada.

5) Education

Wayne State University, the University of Detroit, the College of Creative Studies, the Lewis College of Business, Marygrove College and Wayne County Community College offer possibilities to meet a love interest or to take in many cultural and sporting events.

6) Performing Arts/Culture/Entertainment

There is much for you and your sweetheart to do in Detroit, so we will highlight but a few things. Take some initiative…look up the many venues for jazz, blues, and even garage rock and techno music:

• In the metropolitan area, take in the DTE Energy Music Theatre or the Palace of Auburn Hills.

• In the Detroit Theatre District, wow your date at the Fox Theatre, the Detroit Opera House, or the Masonic Temple Theater. Check for events all year, and dress up and impress your date with your “savoir vivre.” Take in one of the following museums:

• In the area around Wayne State University, go to the Detroit Institute of Arts or the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

• Enjoy a memory-filled experience at the Motown Historical Museum.

• Be moved with pride at the Tuskegee Airmen National Museum.

• Don’t miss the nation’s largest indoor/outdoor museum complex, the Henry Ford. There’s plenty of other entertainment too:

• Be sure the two of you take in the Greektown music festivals and the North American International Auto Show.

• Don’t forget Detroit’s Thanksgiving Parade and its famous statue of Joe Louis.

• Take a stroll along the Detroit RiverWalk and debate the unique art of the Heidelberg Project. 7) Sports Couples who love sports will be thrilled in Detroit. Besides having a franchise from all four major professional sports, three of them located conveniently downtown, the city also hosts boat and car racing events during the year.

8) Restaurants

Here are but a handful of the hundreds of great places to dine in Detroit:

• Uptown Parthenon: Affordable, authentic Greek food and ambiance.

• Hungarian Rhapsody Restaurant: A downriver spot for stuffed cabbage and potato noodles in a down-home atmosphere at a modest price.

• PizzaPapalis: Moderately priced and voted the best Chicago-style pizza in town.

• Mr. Paul’s Chophouse and Carl’s Chop House: Two great steakhouses, both pricey.

• Sweet Georgia Brown: Upscale and tony, so dress up and bring a thick wallet (it’s worth the price).

9) Bars and Nightclubs

In the beautiful downtown area, go to:

• 220 Merrill/Edison’s Lounge: Plenty of singles here!

• Baker’s Keyboard Lounge: Intimate scenes, good jazz.

• Seldom Blues: If you’re into blues, spend an evening here.

• Post Bar and Town Pump Tavern: Try these two for some laid-back fun. Or try these different spots:

• Motor City Brewing Works

• Marilyn’s on Monroe

• Old Shillelagh Irish Club

• Bleu Room Experience (for upscale dining and dancing) And for nightclubbing: • Pure Nightclub

• Zoo Bar Nightclub

• State Theatre

10) Downtown

Live, shop, dine, dance, and enjoy the culture and sports here in the gleaming downtown area of seven skyscrapers, fountains and parks. You can certainly fall in love here in Detroit.

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