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Dating in London – The Top Ten London Dates

eHarmony Advice has 10 Tips for Dating in London.

Below, you’ll have an opportunity to give us your tips for dating in London, so let us know what you think!

Forget the uptight old image. Walk down the streets of London and you’ll find a mix of diversity, culture and strange haircuts as in no other city. Here’s your guide to dating in foggy Londontown, home to 7.3 million people.

1. Pony Up

London is a place to drop some serious quid. Expect to spend at least £100 to £150 for dinner for two (with wine) and tickets to a concert or play. To find art walks, concerts in the park, boot sales and other free activities, pick up a Time Out London magazine.

2. Be a Slick Spender

To spoil your sweetie on a budget, buy discounted musical theater tickets at Leicester Square on the day of the show.

3. Location Matters

Kensington, Chiswick and Hampstead are expensive, sought-after places to live. If you want to surround yourself with the beautiful—and hopefully single—people, consider sharing a flat. Having a roommate will defray the costs—and could lead to romance if that roommate can introduce you to available friends and co-workers.

4. Get Outside

English gardens are famous for a reason. On a clear day, take advantage of the Royal Parks and get to know each other away from the hubbub of the city. At the Regent’s Park, hire a boat and work up a sweat together as you row across the Boating Lake. Or escape from the melee of the city to the Green Park, a refuge that’s perfect for an intimate picnic with your main squeeze. If you’re woodsy types, then head to Richmond Park and take bets on how many deer you’ll see. The loser has to pay for ice cream at the park’s Roehampton Cafe.

5. Mix it Up

Tolerance is the buzzword, so don’t be shy about asking out someone of a different race or religion. There are large Hindu populations in Brent, Harrow and Southall, while the north London communities of Stamford Hill and Golders Green are home to significant Jewish populations.

6. Strike a Fashion Balance

In this fashion-forward city, you can wear something no one has seen before if you have the confidence to pull it off. It can take the wardrobe-challenged a few months to catch on to London’s avant-garde style, so show that you’re en vogue without being too out-there. Blokes, skip the trendy-yet-androgynous man purse in favor of classic jeans and a tee with a fun accessory, like an impressive watch or a cool track jacket. Ladies, opt for figure-flattering jeans or a flirty sundress with one killer conversation piece, such as a pair of lace-up heels or a funky headband. And if you’re thinking of trying a cutting-edge hairstyle, go for it.

7. Eat Like Royalty

Despite England’s reputation for culinary mediocrity, London is home to some world-class restaurants. Treat your date to a meal at the Capital Restaurant in Knightsbridge. The wine list is impressive and chef Eric Chavot’s French cuisine is world-renowned, but the decor is dressy-casual, so you can wear a jeans and a nice shirt and still be yourself on the date. Prices are steep—the three-course lunch menu is £29.50 per person and the three-course dinner menu starts at £58 per person—so save the Capital for that special someone.

8. Compliment your Lady

Call it the Posh Spice effect, but every London woman seems to want smaller thighs, perkier breasts and more lustrous hair— and they’re more than willing to try the latest fad diet or Hollywood beauty secret to get the look. Birds, to set yourself apart from the pack, wear something that flatters your figure, but then strut your stuff like you’re the queen. Confidence is sexy. Blokes, keep chivalry alive and compliment her best features. If she knows you think she’s a goddess, she’ll be more likely to eat that box of mint chocolates you brought her from Ackermans.

9. Pamper your Guy

Regardless of where you live, some guys like frou-frou face products and strive for David Beckham’s abs. The next time you’re at Harrods, pick up some Acqua di Parma shaving cream or Molton Brown lip balm for him.

10. Pick a Cause, Any Cause

Londoners are about something, whether it’s wearing fake fur, complaining about the prime minister or advocating hip-hop. No one likes a whiner, but a cause you care deeply about will help you connect with like-minded people and show off your passionate side.

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