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Your New Mantra for Lasting Love

Ready to take your love life in an entirely different direction – one that brings you the relationship your heart has always desired, and with a man who adores you beyond your wildest dreams?  Then it’s time to adopt a new mantra.  Rori Raye explains how you can turn things around – starting now.

Attracting the right man – and creating a deep, lasting connection with him – requires doing things differently.  It requires breaking out of negative patterns that have held you back from truly receiving love, and changing the way you act and express yourself so he’ll want to come close. It’s about changing your love life from the inside out. To help you do that, I’ve created the Rori Raye Mantra, with four critical steps:


Often we want love so much that we will put up with things that don’t feel right.  We tolerate behavior we don’t like, we settle for less than we want, and we pretend everything is fine.  In essence, we violate our inner boundaries that tell us what is and isn’t okay.  But doing this prevents a man from giving us the very love we want!  Why?  Because a man will sense that you aren’t being true to yourself in order to “win” his love, and it will push him away. Trusting your boundaries means honoring what you do not want.  When you do this, the men who aren’t right for you will step aside…making room for a man who will value you and put your feelings first.


How many times have you gone along with something a man wanted just because you didn’t want to appear “high maintenance” or because you were afraid to rock the boat?  The truth is that when you cut yourself off from your feelings, you actually cut off your connection to a man’s heart.  You prevent him from knowing what really matters to you, and you rob both of you the chance to reach a deeper level of understanding together.  You have to stop ignoring what your feelings are telling you, and share them in a way that he can really hear. Which leads me to….


How you express your feelings is critical to bringing him close. When you do it in the wrong way, he feels criticized and pulls away. The trick is to make sure that what you share isn’t about him or his actions, but instead what you feel and want. Instead of saying, “I can’t believe you didn’t call,” try, “I feel sad when we don’t talk.” Because you didn’t place blame on him, he’ll be able to hear your needs and feel compelled to make you happy.


Are you constantly analyzing what a man does or doesn’t do, or spending time worrying about where the relationship is going?  Being surprised means giving up control. Instead of using your energy to predict and determine the outcome of every moment of your relationship, let it go and enjoy the moment for what it is. A man can sense how a woman is feeling with him. If you are in your head worrying about the future, he feels your anxiety and discomfort. By allowing yourself to be surprised and present with him, a man is able to connect to you in the moment and will want to open up and get closer.

Try practicing the mantra steps one by one – that might mean focusing on one step for a whole week before adding the next.  No matter what your love life looks like right now, these four steps will help you transform it dramatically.  They help you make powerful changes inside you that will improve both the quality of men you attract and the kind of relationship you create with that one special man.


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