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‘Would My Deceased Spouse Be Okay with Me Dating?’

There is one fact with which I must begin any article about the afterlife, and it is that we do not know all the answers. Having said that, we do have a great deal of evidence about spirits, spirit communication, and the spirit world from which we can draw persuasive conclusions. And it is this abundance of evidence that has helped me to answer questions about life after death following my 15-year investigation of this subject.

Yet I encourage you to NOT take my word for any of this. Instead, I recommend that you to become your own investigator and draw your own conclusions. I share my personal conclusions with you to help inspire you in this direction and to see new possibilities. The rest is up to you.

It’s equally important that I explain how I arrived at my answers about the afterlife. I’m an investigator, not a psychic, medium, or channeler. I’m also not a scientist. I’m an investigator who draws conclusions based on an examination of the evidence using logic, reason, and pragmatism. I begin my investigations without bias or expectation and draw conclusions only after gathering and examining the available evidence. In other words, I look at the evidence first and draw my conclusions second.

With this introduction, one of the most common questions people have about life after death after the passing of a loved one is: “How does my spouse in spirit feel about me dating and possibly getting remarried?”

One of the most common messages from people in spirit to their surviving spouses through mediums is that they want them to find love again and remarry. I have witnessed this in hundreds of readings during demonstrations where mediums give readings while onstage to people in the audience. I have never heard the opposite message. They always encourage their spouses to get married again.

Even if your deceased loved one was a jealous human being when alive, this changes once they are in the spirit world. People are able to see the bigger picture in the afterlife.

They realize that there is nothing more important than love. And they want their spouses to know love as fully as possible during this short journey on earth. Jealousy is a trait of the human ego, not spirit. It feeds off imaginary thoughts of separation, competition, and fear. Therefore, jealousy cannot and does not exist in the afterlife because there is no separation, competition, or fear in the light. There is only love, which is what our loved ones in spirit want for us.

What we mistakenly believe here as human beings is that love is in limited supply. So we often think that if someone loves us, then there is no room for them to love another, or if they do love another, then they must somehow love us less because people only have so much love to give. This, of course, is an erroneous illusion.

People in spirit realize that love is unlimited. They know that their spouse on earth is not going to love them any less by falling in love with another person. They feel no threat in this regard. And since they love their surviving spouse unconditionally, they only want to see them happy. So they are always pleased to learn that there is someone new in their spouse’s life who makes that person bobolsonbookfeel loved again to the point of wanting to marry them.

About the Author:

Bob Olson is a private investigator, host of and author of Answers About the Afterlife. Find him at