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Winter Fashions That’ll Heat Your Date Up

Whether cold weather is on the horizon or right outside your window, the best way to beat the chill and still look fashionable is to buy select pieces, augment what you already own and remind yourself that Frosty the Snowman is not a style icon. Read on for winter fashions to heat your date up.

Start with Texture

Cold weather is the perfect time to get bundled up with cozy textures. “Choose fabrics that feel good against your skin, like silk, cashmere, or ultra soft cottons and wools,” says Kelly Bradshaw, one of the designers behind the successful Protea fashion line. What better way to hug or hold hands with your date than while wearing the softest pair of gloves or a feathery snug sweater?

After you’ve found your choice texture, Bradshaw insists on layering. However, be sure to choose items that are light and breathable—layers of wool will make you feel more sweaty than sexy. You’ll also want to make sure your figure isn’t gone with too many bulky pieces. To combat this, add a large belt to cinch and flatter the waist. Generally, the best layering pieces can be found with items you already have in your closet. Try a cardigan over a fitted camisole and add a blazer for a sophisticated and warm look. Plus, layers give you options and allow you to add and take off pieces if the date migrates from an indoor dinner to a walk through the park.

Don’t Leave Home Without a Coat

Buy a fashionable, nice quality, but insulated or wool coat. You might balk at spending the money but you’ll thank yourself when it comes to having an option other than a shapeless parka and the cute but very spring jacket as your winter date accessory.

The Feet Shouldn’t be Overlooked

Men can opt for a warmer cashmere sock rather than a cotton brand and pair a leather, dressy boot with a suit to keep the feet dry and warmer. Women need to realize that often the most fashionable of boots aren’t the most practical. If the shoe doesn’t have a sole with traction be sure to add a special stick on pad made specifically to address the problem, which can be found with a quick Internet search or at a large convenience store. The pads will prevent you from slipping on a wet or slick surface and will keep the date from ending in the emergency room.

If your cold weather fashion still fails, draw attention to your face. Wear earrings that dangle or a necklace to catch the eye and use a hat. Not only will a hat cover up a bad hair day but it can also hold in most of your body’s heat in the cold.

Even in unforgiving winter weather, Bradshaw says the key is to use what you wear as a way to express yourself. Think about what you want your appearance to say about you, if you feel good about what you’re wearing you’ll be amazed at how you begin to feel about yourself—and chances are, your date will notice too.