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Valentine’s Day for the Single Gal: 6 Sweet Celebrations

Valentine’s Day may be for lovers, but this year, February 14th is also for those who are single and ready to mingle! It’s time to defy Cupid and indulge in some sassy solo pursuits. That’s right, we’ve got seven sweet celebration ideas that’ll have you and your single gal pals having a ball on February 14th. Let the party begin!

Single Gal Celebration #1: Spa Night

Ask your friends to join you for a posh, pleasure-loving spa party. Bring in a manicurist and masseuse (no worries if money’s tight, just check out the local beauty school’s students-for-hire), and spoil yourselves silly. Add a touch of Valentine love with a chocolate facial. Tell your guests to bring comfy robes and slippers and you’ll provide an array of appetizers, rockin’ music, and scented candles for awesome ambiance. Your gal pals will feel pampered and pleased as they bask in this girl-tastic gathering.

Single Gal Celebration #2: Movie Marathon

If you’re single with no prospects in sight, who says you still can’t be with the man of your dreams? Whether it’s Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, or Brad Pitt, indulge your fantasies by spending the night with your fave film star. Movie munchie of choice? Chocolate kisses, of course! By treating yourself to a movie marathon of endless eye candy, your Valentine’s date is just a Play button away!

Single Gal Celebration #3: Party at Your Place

Entertain your friends with a simple meal or an assortment of appetizers. Start the night with some divine diva songs, and then take it home with the sexy tunes of Barry White. Can you get a better crowd pleaser? Be ready to dance the night away! This night is all about the single gal!

Single Gal Celebration #4: Shopping Spree

Seeing as you’re single with no heartthrob to splurge on, why not splurge on something super fab for yourself? After all, you’re the breadwinner. Treat yourself! Sashay into your fave store and buy yourself a little something. If you’re suffering from the Valentine’s Day blues, nothing will turn that frown upside down quicker than a cute new dress, an awesome accessory, or a strappy sandal. This is your day to indulge!

Single Gal Celebration #5: A Night out on the Town

Grab your single gal pals and head out for an adventurous dining experience. Make it interesting by picking a themed restaurant —  try some salsa dancing or better yet, start a conga line. Fun and festive is your mantra for this Valentine’s Day adventure.

Single Gal Celebration #6: Take Yourself Out

Just because you live in the land of singledom, why miss out on all the fun? Instead of being sad that you have no significant other to woo you, why not woo yourself? Buy a beautiful red rose and declare your love. Then dress to impress and paint the town red as a standout solo. Talk about a bold adventure!

The idea that Valentine’s Day is strictly for couples is a thing of the past. In 2009, the savvy single can celebrate, too. And when you try any of these sweet celebrations, you’re sure to rock your single and fabulous self on February 14th.

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