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The Romantic Comedies, Tearjerkers and Heart-Warmers

Sometimes, all you need is love.

39. Love Actually

This love-stories-within-love-stories film has fast become the number-one romantic comedy of the season. With a soundtrack to covet, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant to swoon over, and Bill Nighy belting out a painfully amazing “Christmas is All Around” cover, this flick is hard to turn off.

40. The Holiday

We still don’t understand the Kate Winslet/Jack Black pairing, but the charming British cottage surrounded by snow trumps odd casting choices. Moral of this tale: If you hate your life, visit England and fall in love with Jude Law.

41. About a Boy

Hugh Grant is Will Freeman, a bachelor who lives off the royalties of a Christmas song his father wrote. Significant character development follows, just in time for the holidays.

42. Bridget Jones’ Diary

The third Hugh Grant film on the list, this chick flick classic understands what it’s like to be single during the holidays — and what it’s like to run down a snowy street in your underpants.

43. While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock cemented her place as America’s sweetheart with this film. She plays a lonely transit worker who saves a man’s life on Christmas Day and ends up spending his holidays with his family while he remains in a coma. Sure, it’s an odd little story about falling in love, but more importantly, it’s about finding (and cherishing) family.

44. The Family Stone

Meeting your significant other’s family for the first time can be intimidating, especially if that family is an eccentric one, headed up by matriarch Diane Keaton. This stressful little family drama won’t leave you uncomfortable. It’s a feel-good holiday movie in disguise.

45. Little Women (1994)

This isn’t necessarily a Christmas film, but the numerous scenes that do celebrate the season are heartwarming enough to make the list. Just try not to cry when a weakened Beth gets her piano for Christmas, or when the March sisters share their Christmas breakfast with an impoverished family the holiday prior. Also charming, a pre-Batman Christian Bale pulls Winona Ryder and sisters through the snow on a sled.

Image courtesy: Sony Pictures