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The Dark, the Funny, the Action-Packed

Not every holiday film has to inspire a cuddle-fest.

32. Die Hard

On Christmas Eve, the terrorists arrive. This hilarious action-packed film stars Bruce Willis at his best.

33. Lethal Weapon

Danny Glover, Mel Gibson and Christmas. This classic buddy-cop film brings the odd couple together for the holidays.

Honorable mention: If you’re really trying to make your hilarious action movie collection work for you this holiday season, Ghostbusters II also takes place during the holidays.

34. Scrooged

A dark, satirical interpretation of A Christmas Carol, Bill Murray stars as a selfish television executive visited by Christmas spirits.

35. Trading Places

A rich man and a poor man trade places during the holidays in this 1983 American classic. Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy star in this emotionally satisfying satire.

36. Jingle All the Way

It’s so bad it’s good. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as a father who goes to extreme lengths to acquire the season’s must-have toy for his son. Watch this ridiculous film after surviving a long day at the mall.

37. Bad Santa

Tired of the sugary sweetness in most holiday movies? Bad Santa’s dark no-kids-allowed screwball humor attacks sentimentality and commercialism but still has enough heart to keep you from hating the holidays. Note: this is the only R-rated Christmas flick on the list.

38. Gremlins

A horror-comedy written by Home Alone’s Chris Columbus, this black holiday flick warns viewers to never get their Christmas gifts wet.

Image courtesy: Warner Bros.