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The ‘Do you Like Me?’ Problem

There isn’t a surefire way to tell if someone definitely likes you, unless you come right out and ask the person, but there are signals to look out for to find out if you’re liked more than just a friend. Your potential partner’s body language, actions and words can give you insight into the feared—do you like me problem.

After you’ve looked for the signals, if you don’t get the answer you were hoping for, move on. There are plenty of other eligible singles out there just waiting for a great catch like you.

Are you a Priority?

Even the busiest eligible will find time for a date if he or she likes you. Suddenly, schedules become open or priorities change when you like someone. Even the most overworked and overcommitted person can find time for a coffee in the morning or a quick lunch date.

If you’re only seeing the other person when it’s convenient for him or her and there are no compromises when it comes to making time for the relationship, it’s time to move on because there are a lot of other people out there just waiting to like you. “After a date, how quickly does the person follow up and say I want to see you again,” says author and Internet dating expert Evan Marc Katz. “The world’s greatest date followed by two weeks of silence, what good is that.”

Do you Have Meaningful Conversation?

If your potential partner is engaging in conversation with you and keeps the talk flowing once it has started, there is good reason to believe you are liked as more than just a friend. However, use common sense, if you’re having a great conversation with your colleague or someone who is getting paid to talk to you, like a waiter or your therapist, don’t jump to the wrong conclusion.

Does the Person’s Body Language Give the Right Clues?

A good rule to remember is that if your date is showing positive body language clues such as touching your arm during conversation, making eye contact, constantly smiling and leaning his or her body into you, it’s a good sign. If your potential partner is comfortable with you in his or her personal space, such as, letting you sit close on the couch to watch television together or allowing you to hold hands or put your arm around the person, chances are you’re liked and there’s a connection.

Are you Being Treated Differently?

A solid sign he or she likes you is if you’re brought up when the other person talks about the future. It shows the person is looking forward to being with you and having a long-term relationship. If your possible mate is booking vacations with you months out, inviting you to be his or her date at a family or friends wedding or if you’ve spent time with the other person’s family during big-ticket dates like the holidays or a birthday, it shows you’re seen as more than just a friend.