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The 5 Keys to Becoming a ‘Relationship Ready’ Man

Most men get that it takes something totally different to create a great relationship than it does to just “get dates.” That in mind, David D. reveals the 5 “key traits” that any man must possess to unlock the passionate, fulfilling relationship of his dreams.

Every time a man decides it’s time to get serious about women and dating, he’s sure to travel one of two paths:

A) He dates a lot of different women, maybe even simultaneously, with the sole goal of short-term fun and enjoyment. He has no ambitions or illusions about “the long term” or “commitment.”


B) He sets out to connect with one special woman whose qualities are so attractive that he can’t imagine not sharing his future with her.

Of course, plenty of men find themselves in a place where option A is all good– and there’s nothing wrong with that. But here’s what every man who wants to live out Option B needs to know. The attitudes and skills needed to get “lots of dates” are very different from those needed to attract and keep an amazing woman for the long term. These attitudes and skills ALL require that a man possess certain characteristics…deep, inner qualities necessary for attracting and keeping the woman of his dreams for the long term.

So without further delay, here are the top 5 prerequisites of becoming a “relationship ready” man:


When it comes to connecting with a great woman, the ability to communicate maturity, stability and self-control at the outset is crucial — and only becomes more important as the relationship grows. Women sense (and instantly reject) men who project “nervousness,” “flakiness” and “selfishness.” They smell it a mile away…so it’s critical that a man develop and powerfully project the polar opposite of these “immature” traits from the moment he meets a woman. Poise may be best known as an attitude of calm coolness, no matter what the situation. But it really means a whole lot more than a man just getting his best James Bond on, it means achieving a mature, confident, secure outlook that proves he can thrive when life’s suddenly not “all about him” anymore.


Once poise opens the door with a high-quality woman, it’s critical that a man know how to step inside…this is where presence comes in. Presence is literally a man’s ability to “be there” for a woman, to show that he “gets” what’s important to her in both life and love, and that he’s willing and capable to support her no matter what and help make her dreams come true. If she’s hurting, it’s letting her know that he’s there for her and can help her solve the problem. If she’s celebrating, it’s magnifying her joy by sharing in it fully and enthusiastically. If she’s bored, it’s dialing up the excitement (without having to be asked).


A man’s purpose is his goal in life … what he wants to achieve, and how he’s planning on getting there. His purpose defines who he is, what he does, and why he does it, all of which (paradoxically) is a requirement for succeeding in a relationship with another person. In other words, until a man knows what he wants out of life, he’ll never be able to connect deeply with a partner. Worse…if he waits to make those decisions until later, it may interfere with, or even destroy, his ability to be “present” in the moment during a relationship. Oh, by the way…women love a man with a strong sense of purpose. It’s incredibly attractive.

This is why, if a man wants to be truly relationship ready, he must first get a handle on what his purpose in life is, then go after it. Preferably with a great amount of…


Passion is the energy with which a man pursues his purpose. It’s the reason he’s excited to get up in the morning. In other words, without excitement about his own life burning in him, how can a man possibly get excited about sharing himself, fully and openly, with another person?


Like a wise lad from Liverpool once said, “It don’t come easy.” Persistence is the hard work of becoming a fully realized, relationship ready man. It’s the effort necessary to master poise. It’s the determination to be present in the moment. It’s the dedication to pursue a purpose with passion.

All of which adds up to the ultimate goal of the “relationship ready” man, the enduring ability to connect deeply and passionately for the long term with the woman of his dreams.


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