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Stressed about Your Love Life this Holiday? You’re Not Alone!

Whether they are married or single, a survey by eHarmony reveals that an overwhelming 54% of American men are feeling the pressure in regards to their love lives this holiday season. This is compared to 46% of women who are also experiencing some seasonal love stress as well.

Among the reasons for the holiday heartache:


The season can be especially tough on singles, 47% of whom rated being lonely as the toughest aspect of the holiday season.

Being a Man:

Men, both married and unmarried, feel similar amounts of love-related stress (53% versus 54%, respectively). Married women, however, feel less stress than single gals, with 43% feeling the stress versus 49% of unmarried women.

Social Situations Anxiety:

One in four unmarried women surveyed admitted they were uneasy about attending holiday parties alone, while the same amount of unmarried men reveal they are stressed by seeing friends in relationships during this time.


Unmarried men rated Christmas as being the most difficult holiday to be single, followed by Valentine’s Day.

Youth Angst:

Younger Americans are feeling the most pressure this time of year, with 65% of 18-24 year olds and 68% of 25-34 year olds saying their love lives are creating serious holiday stress.

The study also shows that love-life stress during the holidays does seem to drop with age. “This survey shows that it’s not just the shopping and busy schedules around the holidays that ratchet up our anxiety,” explained Dr. Gian Gonzaga, Senior Research Scientist at eHarmony. “There is also a heightened awareness of the importance of relationships this time of year, which is why many people resolve to find someone special during this season.”

The national survey, sponsored by eHarmony, was conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation.

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